WKYGorilla.com: The circle is complete – it’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it?

Wow. WKY makes the massive move to a completely different format – a Spanish format.

It’s a business decision that was made and I certainly understand. The Hispanic population is growing and our sister station was making a ton of money in advertising. I completely understand.

It kinda stinks, but I hold no grudge nor ill-will.

Our Spanish station is doing very, very well, and the incredible range of the WKY signal will help out immensely.

La Indomable means, “The Unconquerable.”

Interesting news. While it’s great that there’s a now a stronger-range spanish language station in OKC, I’m a bit bummed out the loss of Supertalk 930. I know that 3 conservative talk radio stations in OKC was a bit of overkill, but what I liked about WKY was that they had a pretty strong local focus and they wouldn’t immediately cut off liberals (well at least Ron Black… he might make fun of you after the call but at least you would get a minute or two to make a point which is more than you can say for KTOK or KOKC (previously KOMA-AM). — Also Ron Black was willing to let third party folks have a say (he even had Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik on the show once)

Also one bit of trivia is that WKY 930 AM was the first radio station West of the Mississippi river (that is also why it is one of only a very, very few radio stations in this part of the country that have W instead of K at the front of their call sign)