IWW – Organized Crime in the Labor Market – by Tom Brewton (also see published on this blog at (and discusses it further in these posts: More IWW Violence and The IWW and uintended consequences)

I realize that Thomas Brewton is a capitalist and wants to defend his system of belief from those who want to undermine it, but what he has said isn’t fair. The truth is that all labor unions were attacked rigorously by the bosses in the early part of this century. Thankfully, the IWW refused to cave in, and some Wobblies even gave their lives for the cause of workers’ rights, sometimes murdered by folks working for the bosses or sometimes executed by the state under framed-up charges.

As far as I’m concerned, the Wobblies were the heroes of that era and American workers owe a lot to them. Unfortunately, the pro-capitalist labor unions (i.e. AFL-CIO) ended up being the dominant labor forces in the end, but they never would have made it past square one if it weren’t for the more strident advocacy of the Wobblies.

Anyway, here’s the official response to the lies of Thomas Brewton by the General Executive Board of the IWW. I’m proud to see my union fight back.