Well it looks like my legal education is not ending with a whimper but with a bang, as there’s a bunch of stuff all coming at the same time and boy it is one crazy ride.

My last day of class was on Thursday of last week, a strange day with my last class being Professor Creel for Conflicts of Law (which seemed appropriate since he was also one of my profs during my first semester at OCU Law). Even though he used the normal approach (calling on 2 people for the whole class time to recite), somehow it seemed different. He brought cookies for all of us and we gave him a bottle of wine.

Then that evening I rode my bike downtown for the vigil in memory and protest of the 1000th execution to happen in the US since 1977. (I was skipping our review session for Capital Punishment, but I just couldn’t bear to be studying the cold facts of “the system” on a night like this)

Since then I’ve been preparing for finals. I have three this week (today is Environmental Law, tomorrow is Conflicts of Law, and Thursdsay is Capital Punishment). Next week I have a final in Secured Transactions and have a take-home final due in Comparative Law. Along with that stuff, I also am wrapping up my bankruptcy directed research paper (I now have my 45 required pages, but still have lots of editing and rewriting to do) and need to get the final documentation in on my externship.

Then on Friday of next week we have our graduation reception (sounds pretty swank since its at The Waterford) and then Saturday is graduation itself.

So anyway that’s why I’m not blogging much right now. Everything is happening so fast and I’m a bit more out of sorts than normal. It definitely feels weird for sure because I’ve been in college for a long time (a total of 25 semesters — at 6 different colleges… I guess I’m the proverbial professional student) and its going to be weird to not be a student anymore.