The story of an Edmond mother’s abusive stunt has made it all over the press, both locally and internationally…

NewsOK: Mother sends daughter to the street over grades; police intervene

NewsOK: Parent claims discipline made a change in teen

MSNBC/KFOR: Edmond woman says humiliating daughter working so far

San Antonio Express News/AP: Mom makes teen stand on street with sign

Electric New Paper (Singapore): US teen’s roadside shame sparks outrage — Unusual punishment could be damaging to teen, says expert (the same story was also in the Detroit newspaper

Chatter: Mother of the year

Well here’s what I think of this mother… you have made a horrible, horrible mistake. GRADES ARE NOT THIS IMPORTANT. Frankly things like this that parents do to humiliate their teenaged children are the kinds of things that children will remember forever.

But folks do make mistakes. This mother has made a doozy of one, but I guess I would say that DHS should give her a warning this time but if she pulls a stunt like this again then DHS should do a full-scale investigation on this family because the mother is clearly engaging in emotional abuse.