MSNBC/AP: Iran president wants Israel ‘wiped off the map’ — Ahmadinejad says new wave of Palestinian attacks will destroy Israel

These kinds of outragous statements to me are setting the stage for the USA’s next war in the Middle East. What disgusts me is that this didn’t have to happen, and I think Bush actually created the situation that has brought this to be (this is my opinion, I’m not claiming this as fact until it is proven to be the case).
The reason I say this is that Bush made stupid, stupid statements in which he practically endorsed the Reformist ticket of candidates. I agree wholeheartedly with what Bush said, but the problem was that by Bush saying those things he practically handed the election to the those in power now, because Bush (and the USA) is so incredibly mistrusted and hated right now.

(for another take on this election: Letter From Tehran: In Washington’s Cross-Hairs – by Norman Solomon)

One has to wonder why he did this? Surely Bush must have had advisors that would have told him that this is a very, very bad idea. So, did he do it on purpose? — I think one must assume that either Bush is really, really stupid (and doesn’t listen to his advisors), or that he is an intelligent man who knew exactly what he was doing… setting the stage for yet another war in the Middle East.

I hope to God that I am wrong, but I think at this point it is time for the activist community to be considering this very real possibility. (particularly since a military draft is inevitable… the US can barely handle Iraq with a mostly volunteer-only army)