Sorry to not say much here lately but I’ve just been pretty swamped on several fronts. (I have been posting though to my bicycle commuting blog).

Two bits of news though are worth mentioning — (1) I am planning to attend the Law for the People 2005 Convention of the NLG later this month in Portland, OR (thanks to the support of a lot good folks out there who have made it possible for me financially to do this)

I am super-stoked about this as the conference promises to be worthwhile (particularly the sessions on military law and labor law), but also because Portland is said to be one of the best cities in the US for bicycling.

So my plan is to depart OKC on Oct. 27th (Thursday) night at 10 p.m. after I get out of my evening class and fly into Portland around 2 a.m. I’ll then hopefully find a quiet place at the airport to sleep for a few hours and then catch the train into the city later that morning to catch the Friday sessions. I’ll then mostly attend conference sessions on Friday and Saturday, and then have most of Sunday and Monday free for sightseeing. (I plan on renting a bicycle at the Hostel I’m staying at… much, much cheaper than SF btw… only $15/day to rent a bicycle, and $10 for each additional day) Mostly I just plan on being lazy, but I do plan to go the famous Powell’s books, drink lots of coffee and beer (supposedly there are more brewpubs in Portland than in any other city). I also want to ride across the river into Vancouver, Washington so that I can add one more state to the list of states I’ve visted (I’ve never been to Oregon or Washington before).

(2) The work I’m doing on military counseling really is picking up. As it stands now, I think it is looking more and more like I’ll be doing mostly military discharge work and court martial defense work after I graduate from L-school.