I posted something today to the OKGreens email discussion list, proposing that the party and/or other groups, put together a website giving tips and suggested routes for bicycle commuters in these high priced gasoline days.

If anyone has ideas for this or would like to help out on it, please shoot me a line (my email is jmb at jmbzine dot com).

Here’s the proposal…

Hello folks,

I have an idea that i want to throw out there for a project for Oklahoma Greens to get involved in.

I think we should find ways to encourage bicycle commuting. I think this is definitely a Green thing to do, and now is definitely the time to do it (particularly with gas prices being so expensive, it is a much more attractive option — I know it was for me. I started bicycle commuting recently after gas prices went over $2.75/gallon).

One problem we have though in OKC (and other places in OK I’m sure as well), is that is not always easy to know what route to take. In midtown OKC (between I-40 and I-44/NW Expressway), there are quite a few good residential streets that don’t dead-end, but in other parts of town it is hard to know what route to take unless you carry an OKC map (which I’ve have to do lately anytime I ride further out), and even then it is sometimes hard to know until you get there as to whether the traffic is too high to ride safely (or if sidewalks/bikepaths are available as an option).

So here’s the idea of what we could do… we could create a website (maybe okcbikecommuting.com, or even okgreens.org/biking) that would provide tips for bicycle commuting (everything from how to carry cargo on a bike, how to dress for the weather, etc.) as well as a map of OKC that highlights recommended bicycle routes. — and of course this
could be done in Tulsa, Lawton, Norman, etc. as well. — BTW, to get an idea of what this might look like, take a look at http://bicycleaustin.info/. (this website is by Michael Bluejay, a
bicycle activist in Austin)

I would love to do this, but would be interested if others might be interested in this (particularly as to what streets in your neighborhood are good for biking). If this is something you would be
interested in helping on, please get in touch with me. (I’m going to get in touch with some bicycle activists I know of in Tulsa to see what they think about this.)