After the last post I made about free domains I found some websites with information on the nation of Tokelau. It is a fascinating place that is very isolated (one monthly cargo boat is the only contact the island has with the outside world other than by telecommunications). The island also has an incredibly sad history (particularly the Peruvian raids of the islands for slaves) and potentially a sad future (if global warming continues the islands will be no more by the end of the century)

  • Lonely Planet’s guide to Tokelau has this description of the nation:
      Want to get away from it all? Head off to Tokelau, where there’s no capital city, no airport, no harbour, no cars, no banks, no guns and no tourism. There are plenty of islands – 127 of ’em – plus fantastic lagoon diving and Polynesian culture at its most untouched.Tokelau is not the easiest place to reach: only one boat a month travels there from Samoa, its nearest neighbour. Once there you’ll find life is simple; there’s little shaking but the coconuts in the palms. But with the seas rising fast, you’d better get to know Tokelau while you can.
  • Jane’s Tokelau Islands Page
  • CIA World Factbook report on Tokelau