I posted last night a little blurb about a new project I’m working on… a alternative print magazine/newspaper for the OKC area (spinning out of the Oklahoma IMC project). Well anyway since then I’ve had a very, very good response from members of the OK-IMC listserve and the OKGreens listserve and have I think about 8-10 folks who have volunteered to get involved!
So, if you would dig the chance for creatively exercising your free speech on issues of local concern here is your chance. We’re still drafting our editorial policies and whatnot but my hope is that this publication would be free and independent so that ALL points of view might be expressed (and particulary those that have often be oppressed in the past). If this is something that would interest you please check out our message board for this project by clicking here.
BTW, if you’re curious what this project might look like, a good example would be The Public I, a publication of the Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) Independent Media Center.
I also kinda dig the homemade feel of the alt-punk-radical zines like Austin Daze and Maximum Rock N Roll. I dig both of those pubs because they blend the political social commentary that you might find on the Public I with music, art, culture, and just general craziness.