NewsOK: Muslim girl returns to school wearing scarf

    2003-10-15, APMUSKOGEE — An 11-year-old Muslim girl in Muskogee is back in school today — and she’s wearing her religious head scarf. School officials say Nashala Hearn will be allowed to wear the head covering while they review the school’s dress code.
    The sixth-grader was suspended eight days for wearing the scarf because it violated the dress code. Muslim women wear the head covering for religious reasons.
    The school district’s attorney says it could be the first of the year before a decision is made on whether changes are needed in the dress code.
    Nashala’s father, Eyvine, says his daughter is happy to be back in class at Ben Franklin Science Academy.
    He says the decision to allow her to return is a victory for Islam as well as other religions.