This is what a fascist state looks like

    I know I sound too angry lately but recent events are frankly stirring me up to a point of outrage and disgust. First let me say thought that I love my country very much. I wouldn’t be studying law if I didn’t believe in the principles of liberty and constitutional government.

    Right now though some of the nutty things going on make me want to give up and move to Canada . . . but I’m not doing that of course because I won’t let the bad guys win, and because I’m too stubborn to give up on the yet unachieved ideal of a free America.

    Here’s one example of what the fascists who unfortunately are running the show are up to these days… LA-IMC: Sherman Austin sentenced to one year in federal prison, 3 years of probation and LA-IMC: Los Angeles Indymedia Center Interviews Sherman Austin.

    The most insidious nature of what is being done to Sherman Austin is this clause in his condition of probation…

      . . . he cannot associate with any person or group that seeks to change the government in any way

    Think about this for a second folks.

    He is being denied not only his right to vote as convicted felon (as is the case in many jurisdictions to all convicted felons, no matter what their crime) but now he is has been denied his right to associate with anyone who would dare to have the “revolutionary” idea that the government could be changed. This means almost everyone in America is off-limits for him to associate. Heck, this would bar him from even talking to Republicans or Democrats, because they want to change the government.

    In the end, this sentence is nothing less than political persectution. Sherman Austin has now joined the ranks of America’s growing number of political prisoners in our so-called justice system.

    BTW, let me also say for the record that I do not agree with much of the message of Sherman Austin’s site I don’t favor violence for any reason, even for defense against oppressors. Violence is always wrong in my spiritual and ethical belief systems. BUT, despite that difference of opinion I think Austin had the right to make his site and even let people post things that could be used in a bad way. It’s call free speech folks, and free speech has always been dangerous. The key is that our government is supposed to trust her own citizens to use their own free minds to make their own decisions about the things that are being freely said.

    I and lots of other folks would freely reject the message of violence, no matter how right the cause may be. We don’t need the government to protect us from contrary thoughts. We can make that decision with our minds and hearts.

    I think Austin’s prosecution (no, rather persecution) was because he is a black anarchist who scared the establishment, just like Malcolm X once did.