More on California…

    Shortly after I made my post last night on the Guv’s race in CA, I got a phone call from my friend K who told me to turn on the TV. Yep… the Terminator has jumped into the ring.

    I didn’t hear the whole interview but what I heard was not impressive. He is very anti-labor and emphasizes that he will be influenced by only the people and not special interests… which sounds great until you realize that EVERYBODY is a special interest. The question is not whether you are influenced by special interests, but whether by which special interests. If your special interest is protecting the poor and unemployed, then that’s no crime.

    He is also says that the proof of his purity from those dreaded special interests is that he has plenty of money and doesn’t need anybody else’s to run. This is garbage. So he thinks only rich people should be in office, that only rich people can be trusted with the public trust. No… the answer is not self-funded elections. The answer is public funding of elections.

    So, I still say Georgy Russell is the best person in this race. She’s smart, irreverent (she’s the first candidate I’ve ever heard of who is selling underwear with the campaign logo on them as a fundraising method), and she’s hitting all of the right issues. My only complaint is that she isn’t a Green party member as far as I can tell. The Democratic party’s days of being progressive are long past. I think she would be better off to be a part of a truly progressive political party.