Boycot Wrangler

    My friend Rachel is protesting this morning in front of the Wrangler factory in Seminole, OK and will be organizing weekly protests there for the next two months (the factory is being shut down by VFC, Wrangler’s parent company in September so that they can exploit cheap labor overseas). I’ll post more info on next week’s protest so that if you’re in the area you can participate, but in the meantime I would encourage everyone reading this to do three things.

    First, write Wrangler (click here to use their website form to send them a message) and ask them why they are firing American workers so that they can exploit foreign workers instead. If you would like an example of what to write in your letter, here is what I wrote to them…

      I was just writing to ask why you have American flags on your corporate website ( and advertising material, since you’re closing down the Wrangler plant in Seminole, Oklahoma. It seems rather inconsistent to me.

    Secondly, boycot all brands made by VFC. Here is a list taken from and









      lily of france


      the north face

      vf brand solutions

      vf solutions

      vanity fair



    Finally, instead of buying clothes from these companies, look for alternatives that are made by ethical companies. I personally like Round House Overalls that are made in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I just wish they would make blue jeans too.