Questioning the Peace Movement

  • I read a compelling blog post at Letters from the Little Girl Inside. In this post she talks about her longing for her beloved who is in the service in the war in in Iraq. It is so, so sad to read.

    She also said something else that got me thinking…

      the thing that really pisses me off about this war is the protesters… i mean, f*CK! do you really think protesting and wasting our tax money on gettin your *sses arrested by cops we finance will help? is that really going to stop the war? you want to be heard? go write a f*cking book! write an editorial for a newspaper, for goddsakes! dont cause drama for your mama on the damn streets and waste people’s time trying to stop you… its not accompishing anything but even making it worse… its not bringing the troops back… its not going to make this war end sooner… its not going to ease the sleep of the families and loved ones that are out there fighting for bush’s stupid cause… yeah, i dont agree on the war either… i think its stupid… but do i go parading the streets trying to show off? NO! i mean, i want the war to stop… i didnt even want it to start in the first place… who does? i want chuckie to come home… i want everyone in the military to be able to go back to where they belong- which is here… i want a whole lot of things… but the whole protesting thing is just giving us another war to fight in our very own backyard…

    Reading this makes me wonder if she is right. I’ve talked to several people these last few days who are really turned off by the confrontational protests in San Francisco and other places. Yet, at the same time it doesn’t seem right to be silent either.

    If you don’t believe in the war, to me it is complicity to not speak out. At the same time, is it counterproductive to speak out if it just pisses people off?

    I don’t know.

    I do know this. I think the civil disobedience actions of some protestors right now are backfiring bigtime. Maybe if the protests were better planned (with participants who were truly committed to non-violent methods… you can’t protest for peace and at the same time attack or insult the cops) it would be different. As it is right now, I think peace activists would be better served by seeking as much as possible to protest through legal and peaceful means. If there is a time for C.D. actions, then you need to do it right. Focus it on military interests. Don’t shut down the streets of San Francisco. If you want to do something that will help things, do a sit-in at a military recruiting office. That would be worthwhile because it would be focused on the problem at hand. Street shutodwns and the like are not focused and tend to hurt the people who have nothing to do with this stupid war (poor folks driving to work for instance).

    One last thing which is also from the blog I quoted above. This line is priceless…

    fighting for peace is like f*****g for virginity

    So true. I think it’s time for all peace activists to start acting like PEACE activists.