What in the world?!

    I was extremely disturbed to find this appalling email message in my box today from the “AustinforJesus” listserve. Once upon a time, the AFJ list was a worthwhile ecunemical listserve (created after several special ecunemical worship gatherings in Austin in 2000) but lately has gone to Wackyland. Daniel Geraci, the listserve operator started by first posting a bunch of things that had a right-wing political perspective. I complained to him about this and asked to be removed from the list but was not (probably an honest mistake on his part, I think I had changed email addresses and may not have given him the right one.)

    Anyway, fast foward to today’s message. The author (who I assume is a Messianic Jew by her spelling of “G-d”)claims that God told her to pray for the troops in Northern Iraq because they will be facing incredible dangers there and some kind of trickery. She goes on to encourage her readers to not only pray for the safety of American & British troops (which I whole-heartedly agree with) but forgets to encourage her readers to pray for the safety of the Iraqi people, particularly the civilian population. (I guess they don’t count.)

    From there she then proceeds to encourage folks to:

      Pray that Israel and America will embrace a solid steadfast alliance with each other as true friends and allies, and that American administrations will only APPEAR to be wanting to implement the “road map”, yet put so many obstacles in the way so that it won’t ever be implemented by the United States.

    Is she smoking crack? Does she read the same Bible that I read?

    I am aghast that she actually is praying that there would not be peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

    I am disturbed beyond belief by this. I cannot believe that someone who claims to be a follower of Christ would say such a hateful awful thing.