Life of late:

    Regular readers of this blog will probably notice that I haven’t talked much about Law school lately.

    The reason is that I have been very depressed about the whole experience. Last semester, I was excited to learn about the law and the opportunities its knowledge would present me. Now, I am turning into the sick and cynical law student that I complained about last semester when talking about 2L’s and 3L’s.

    I hate law school. I hate it more everyday. It is a dismal and bleak way to live. Every day when I go to class, the only thing that motivates me to study is the fear of getting called on, and even that doesn’t scare me like it once did. I just don’t care anymore.

    To some extent the subject areas themselves are driving me batty, or more acurately the way that some professors neuter their subjects so that everything interesting or thought-provoking is weeded out and that is left are RULES, RULES, RULES to be memorized, and parsed, and applied.

    But that is not the worst part. The part that offends me the most are the behavior of a few professors. Some of mine are kind but tough profs, who treat everyone fairly as long as you’re prepared for class. But others that teach at OCU Law are an embarassment to the legal profession. Frankly I don’t see why law profs are given a carte blanche to demean and condescend their students. If a lawyer talked to his or her client the way some of these profs speak to their students, it would be shameful and even self-respecting client would find a new lawyer pronto. Why is that profs can do this with impunity?

    Finally to complete the cycle of disenchantment, I have discovered that OCU Law School will likely increase tuition. The amount isn’t nailed down yet, but it sounds more and more like it will be in line with last year’s increase of around 10%.

    So, assuming that this trend continues, our tuition will have increased by 20% by the time we graduate! TWENTY PERCENT!!!

    This is inexcusable in a time when the legal profession is morally poor from the lack of lawyers who can afford to defend the poor and oppressed. It is also disturbing in that we are in the middle of an economic downtown (which very well could turn even more sharply downward). There is absolutly no reason why the school should be increasing tuition beyond the rate of inflation in these times. It appears to me that OCU Law is quickly becoming a school for only the rich and elite (many from out of state), while the poor folks who grew up here and want to practice law here are left to fight for the few open spots at OU.

    So, where does that leave me? I could be like the guy in the 70’s movie “Network” who yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” But what good would that do?

    Anger doesn’t change anything. So, I keep plodding along, hoping that I can transfer to some place more affordable (which will help the money side of things, but won’t help the spiritual poverty side of things… from what i hear they have the same abusive style of law instruction and massive work load at OU as well).

    And really does it even matter? With the world going the way it is going, I wonder often if this law school adventure is really just an exercise in futility. I really wonder what I am doing here.