. . . was a delightful day. No school due to Martin Luther King, Jr. day so I had a luxurious time of sleeping in this morning (no getting up at 6:30 a.m. for the long commute) and in the afternoon working on my garden as the weather was absolutely magical (high in the 60’s).

    Garden-wise, my chores today consisted of driving over to TG Farms in Newcastle, OK to get some wheat straw hay bales (killer price by the way, $1 each for the 3foot by 18 inches kind). I then took them out to the garden and used them as the border for an addition to my raised vegateable beds. (so now my garden consists of a U-shaped raised bed with about 90 square feet of growing area… my hope is to expand that to 200 square feet by the spring).

    After that I laid down some old newspaper (it is important to use the b/w pages only, no color ink because they use funky chemicals for the colors that aren’t proper for an organic garden) in the section of the bed, and then started hauling dirt/compost from the compost pile to the bed to fill it. I still have lots of work to do to fill up the bed with enough dirt but I got a good dent in it anyway.

    The day is almost over now. I really dread going back to school tomorrow but at least I get to start the day with my favorite class, criminal law.