Oklahoma Politics/Policy:

  • NewsOK: Fund shortage leaves districts without options — This article discusses in depth the funding crisis of Oklahoma public schools, including significant discussion about the fate of my alma mater, Newcastle High School. I think it is high time that the state consider making up this short-fall. My suggestions are: (1) Raise all state taxes by 10%, (2) Release all non-violent drug offenders, and require that future non-violent drug offenders be given probation instead of jail time, (3) Cut state legislator pay by 50%. There is no reason that Oklahoma pays one of the highest legislative salaries in the state.
  • NewsOK: Plan refuels Confederate flag debate — I personally favor flying the Confederate battle flag of the Cherokee Braves at the captiol, along with the other 13 flags of nations that once had sovreignty over Oklahoma. History is history and whitewashing it is not good. Flying the flag as a historical display does not mean that the state supports the values of Confederacy (just as it is not endorsing the policies of Napoleonic France either) only that it remembers its past.
  • NewsOK: City officers won’t face federal charges — This is outrageous! I can not believe that these OKC cops will get away with their racist beating of a black suspect like this. Watch the video clip if you haven’t seen it and ask yourself if this is the way officers of the law are supposed to behave. I find this completely repugnant and wrong that these cops will get off off of the Federal civil rights charge. Let’s hope that Oklahoma county DA Lane will have the guts to do what the Federal prosecutor should have done.