A dark day . . .

    When I woke up this morning (I left my TV on when I went to sleep last night) I heard them saying that Bush had released a policy statement saying that the US would use NUCLEAR weapons against any nation that attacks the US with chemical or biological weapons.

    So, I got online to get the whole story and it is much, much worse than the morning show talking heads indicated…

  • MSNBC/WP: U.S. strategy includes ‘all options’ — Preemptive strikes to counter unconventional arms

    The key word there is PREEMPTIVE.

    What in the living daylights is Bush thinking? Has he completely lost his mind?

    This new policy is SICK, EVIL and WRONG. Using nuclear weapons at all is vile enough (even folks who accept St. Augustine’s “Just War” theory will agree with me on this if they apply that theory to the use of weapons that are designed to target non-combatants), but to use them BEFORE the enemy does anything!? How arrogant for the US to say to another country, “Yes we have nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, but you can’t. We’re a superpower and we say nobody can have these kinds of evil weapons except us and our buddies. If you dare to have any of your own, we’ll blow you to kingdom come!”

    I know some of my readers think I am making too much out of nothing, but the reason I feel so strongly about this is because of something I saw when I was in New York City. On that trip I visited the United Nations Headquarters and went on the guided tour.

    While on the tour we came to a big corridor in which there were several giant concrete walls set up in what appeared to be an art exhibit.

    When I looked more closely I discovered that these walls had shadow-images of human beings that were burnt onto them. As it turned out these walls were ones found near ground zero after one of the US atomic bomb drops on Japan, and these images were the last remains of people vaporized by the bomb..

    I can’t begin to explain what it is like to see those images. They still haunt me today, to know that in an instant a life was completely snuffed out.

    I know as Sherman said that war is hell, but there has to be limits. Nuclear weapons are NEVER right. NEVER. It is better to die than to commit an evil this great. I hope and pray that Bush and his advisors repent from this policy before it is too late.