Life update

    One more final to go… Contracts. I am having such a horrible time focusing on this one. Partly it because I am just sick of studying but mostly because I don’t know how the heck I should be studying. My prof takes a very different approach to Contracts law than do most, so Emanuels and the other commercial test prep tools are worthless for this one.

    I do know one thing… I am counting down the days until finals is over. After this week is over, I plan to spend some time cleaning my apartment (it is giant mess due to neglect this last month) and then start getting ready for Christmas. Then after Christmas I’m planning on head out to the the farm for a mini-arts retreat. My friend Tim should be back from Italy shortly after that, so I’m hoping that he and maybe another artist friend or two can come out with me for a week or so of painting and just enjoying the country until school starts.

    I’m also looking forward to the break as I need some time to reconnect spiritually. I feel a bit out of touch lately in my walk with God. I got tons of excuses of why things aren’t good now, but the main thing is I need to spend some time just being with the Lord.