Social Justice:

    I’ve continued searching internet news outlets (, local and national news media, and reports from local activists) and have corrected numbers for the protest actions of the International Day of Action for Peace in Iraq (October 26ish). Here are the latest numbers. In cases where different folks gave different numbers, I sought to find the most accurate numbers possible, or if to hard to tell I either went with an average number, or gave a range between the most convservative and most optimistic reports that sounded credible.)

    As to the total number’s here is what I came up with:

    180,000 Conservative number for US protestors

    329,000 Optimistic number for US protestors

    64,000 Conservative number for Non-US protestors

    88,000 High number for Non-US protestors


    244,000 Conservative number for World-wide protests

    417,000 Optimistic number for World-wide protests

    100,000-200,000 in Washington, D.C.

    42,000-80,000 in San Francisco

    15,000 in Glasgow, Scotland (on Oct 20th)

    10,000 in Rome, Italy

    8,000-30,000 in Berlin

    3,000-10,000 St. Paul, MN

    5,000 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    5,000 in Zaragosa, Spain

    4,000 in Adelaide, Australia

    4,000 in Chicago

    3,000 in Seville, Spain

    3,000 in Sydeny, Australia

    2,000-5,000 in Seattle, WA

    4,000 in Denver, CO (155k)

    2,500 in Taos, N.M. in front of Donald Rumseld’s private residence

    2,500 in August, Maine

    2,500 in Ann Arbor, MI

    2,000 in Frankfurt

    2,000 in Jerusalem (162.5k)

    1,500 in Copenhagen, Denmark

    1,500-2,000 in Kingston, NY

    1,500 in Tucson, AZ

    1,000+ in Spokane, WA

    1,000 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    1,000 in Stockholm, Sweden

    1,000 in Austin, TX

    1,000 in Montpelier, VT

    1,000 in Luxemboug (on Oct. 19th)

    1,000 in Syracuse, NY (169.5k)

    800 in Madison, WI

    800 in Honolulu, HA

    700 in Albany, NY

    660 in Leper-Ypres, Belgium (peace run)

    650 in Nashville, TN (the largest anti-war protest in that city since the Vietnam War)

    600 in Ann Arbor, MI

    500-1200 in Minneapolis, MN (correction from earlier, it turns out there were seperate marches in both of the Twin Cities)

    500 in Hamburg, Germany

    500 in San Antonio (SAPD cops ticketed many drivers for honking in support of the protestors)

    500 in White Plains, NY

    400 in Munich, Germany

    400 in Fayetteville AR (police there filmed all of the protestors as a form of harrassment)

    370 in Oklahoma City (confirmed correction of earlier number of 200)

    350 in Bend, OR

    300+ in Durango,CO

    300 in Juneau, Alaska

    300 in Prescott, Arizona

    300 in Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California

    300 in Tokyo

    300 in Salt Lake City, UT

    300 in East Lansing, MI

    250 in Indianapolis, IN

    250 in Durham, NC

    250 in Palm Beach, FL

    250 in Brussels, Belguim

    200 in St. Louis, MO

    200 in Little Rock, AK

    200 in Anchorage, Alaska (corrected number)

    200 in Flagstaff, AZ

    200 in Portland, Maine (14 arrested & several of those beaten by the police

    200 in Portland, OR (1 arrest at a concurrent direct action at a military recruiting station)

    200 in Goshen, IN

    Several hundred in Edmonton, Canada (this is my best guess based on the pictures posted online)

    “Hundreds” in Stuttgart, and Bremen, Germany

    “Several hundred” in Tallahasse, FL

    180 in Wellington, N.Z.

    150+ in Dortmund, Germany

    150 in Rockford, IL

    150 in Paonia, Colorado

    150 in Chemnitz, Germany

    150 in Fresno, CA

    150 in Petoskey, MI

    125 in Konstanz, Germany

    110 in Colorado Springs, CO

    100 in Fort Wayne, IN

    100 (13 were arrested) in Des Moines, IA

    100 in Houston, TX

    100 in Heidelberg, Germany

    100 in Milwaukee, WI

    100 in Boise, ID

    50-200 in Leipzig, Germany

    80 in Concord, NH

    80 in Columbia, SC

    75 in Travese City, MI

    75 in West Hartford, CT

    70+ in Chattanooga, TN

    70 in Montrose, CO

    70 in Palatine, IL

    50-75 in Sioux Falls, SD

    65 in Terre Haute, IN

    60 in Lewiston, ID

    50 – Bad Tolz, Germany

    40 – Centralia, WA

    40- Bielefeld, Germany

    30 – Duren, Germany

    Last but not least there was a protest by Voices in the Wilderness protestors from America who are illegally in Baghdad (

    Other Protests reported that I can’t find crowd estimates for:

    Barcelona, London, Belgium, Paris, India, South Korea, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Grand Rapids & , MI, — Ashland, Astoria, Corvallis, Eugene, Hood River, Pendleton, McMinnville, Newport and Salem all in Oregon, Danbury, CT; Bicyclist protest in Santa Fe, NM, Calgary, Canada; Napier and Auckland, New Zealand; Adelaide, Australia; Bonn, Germany; Bowling Green, KY; Bradenton, FL; Missoula, Billings, & Butte MT; Joplin, MO; Jonesboro, AR; Glenwood Springs, CO, Hilo, HA