• Yesterday night was my church’s last night to have our preacher Ernie and his family with us.

    It was a bittersweet night (you’re happy for the new opportunity for their family, but still sad to see them go) but it was a good night for music. Since it was their last night we had a special singing night to send them off. We sang so many of the prettiest old hymns and some of the newer songs with challanging harmonies, including “O Lord, our Lord” and a medley of “Holy Ground + We are Standing on Holy Ground” (click here to hear the Linary Church of Christ sing this song in mp3 format — more of their songs can be found here). Towards the end of the night most of the folks were crying but even then we kept singing. It was most definitely a memorable night.

  • This afternoon I went hunting for some new music on Here’s some that I found worthwhile:

    • The Misty River Band — Here’s what one reviewer said of this 4-part female Bluegrass band “When the time comes for me to walk through the pearly gates, I want to be ushered through by a chorus of angelic harmonies like this. Misty River is a four-woman collective of songstresses who have an incredible talent for precision layering of live voices … this is music which is heavily steeped in the bluegrass, folk and country traditions. But there’s also a modern edge to the music which resembles the neo-bluegrass style of Alison Krauss or EmmyLou Harris.” -Minor 7th guitar webzine.
    • Melissa Webb – a bluegrass girl who sounds a lot like Allison Krause
    • Moses Guest – a country/rock/funk/jam band from Houston
    • Something Corporate – an emo band