Day: October 8, 2002

Law Blogs Revenge of the Blog, a Yale Law School Presentation — This looks interesting. (which reminds me of a […]

Politics and Policy: Bush’s speech from last night and the news of today’s congressional debates keep coming to mind. War […]

Law Blog Watch: Periodically I’m going to summarize what some of the other L-school bloggers are talking about, and maybe […]

Random: Micah Wright’s thoughts on the currents state of comics Jonah, the new Veggie Tales movie is now in theatres!!! […]

Science: NY Times: On Medicine’s Frontier — The Last Journey of James Quinn — A thought-provoking story on the often […]

Website News: JMBzine was mentioned in the October 7, 2002 issue of Jusletter, an Swiss online legal journal published as […]