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Thursday – September 9, 1999, 4:15 p.m.
I’m back in class. The Christian Studies Seminar class ended up having enough folks, so I am back in class. The seminar is on Christianity & Philosophy. I think it will be somewhat interesting, but I am dreading having another 3 hour monster class.
At the point that I left off on from last entry: I was up until 4 am finishing my Exit stuff. I then fixed me a couple of sandwiches, and then went to sleep around 5.
I then woke up around 10, and made some tea. (Some of my last of my Republic of Tea – Glenburn Darjeeling stash) I then went to chapel at 10:30. Then, I got online for awhile, and then grabbed lunch at the LFC Thursday lunch. Then I took off to catch the mass at the Catholic Center.
The mass was really neat. I decided to go again after the service last night, and I really am glad I did. It is still very foreign to me, but in many ways I am liking the liturgical approach and the ingrained patterns of worship. I think I might try to make a habit of going to Mass a few times a week. In general, I just yearn for more “ritual” in my life. (In a sense, what Nouwen talked about when referring to the “Spiritual life.”
On the subject of Catholicism and Ecunemicism in general, I have been thinking a lot about how far I should go in reaching out to Christians of other religious traditions. While I think there are lots of things that can be compromised, there are just some non-negotiatbles.The question is, what are the non-negotiables?
First and foremost, the kerygma, the gospel message is non-negotiable. (Jesus came in the flesh, he was crucified, and he rose from the dead.) Past there, I’m not sure. I have a few serious disagreements with Catholic theology, yet they would not diagree with the kerygma. I’m not sure on this issue, but I will be praying and thinking about it.