LOGO: KNLS-MWVMWV (Madagascar World Voice)

    • QTH: Programming originates at the World Christian Broadcasting offices in Franklin, Tennessee, USA, and then is relayed on KNLS (Anchor Point, Alaska, USA) and MWV (Mahajanga, Madagascar).
    • Description: Magazine style format programming, part religious, part music and social programming, aired in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. While not labeled explicitly so, World Christian Broadcasting is supported by members of the Churches of Christ.
    • Common frequencies/Modes:  According to their website, MWV is currently airing programming on 7390, 9535, 9570, 9690, 11790, 11825, 11945, 13710, 15670, 17530 and 17640 khz, AM.
    • QSL Info: I have had successful confirmations from MWV, made by a QSL card.

      Postal: World Christian Broadcasting, 605 Bradley Court, Franklin, Tennessee 37067, USA

      Email: (thanks to DX Adam for this email address)

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