Key for the KG5JST Radio Listening Logs

For ease of writing and reading, I use several standard conventions and abbreviations in writing my radio reception logs, so unless other noted…

  • All frequencies are in in kilohertz.
  • The mode is AM (all other modes will be noted).
  • The date and time are in UTC and not local time.
  • My location is EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City in the Deer Creek area of Oklahoma County, USA. (RX from other locations will be so noted)
  • SIO refers to a way of giving signal reports, in which each part is ranked from 1-5. S (signal) refers to the overall signal strength. I (Interference) refers to any interference from other stations (but not natural causes like storms, etc.) and O (overall) refers to the overall listening experience.
  • For languages, I use the following abbreviations:
    • Eng. (English)
    • Spa. (Spanish)
    • Fre. (French)
    • Chi. (Chinese)
    • Ara. (Arabic)

To show how this works, here is a recent entry in my log:

9580 on 20191024 at 01:51 UTC CRI (China Radio International) relayed from Quivican, Cuba. Eng. News/commentary. SIO 353.

In long form, this entry says that on a frequency of 9580 khz. I heard China Radio International being relayed from a station in Quivican, Cuba at 01:51 am on Oct. 24, 2019 (UTC). The news/commentary broadcast was in English and the SIO was 353, which means that the signal was mediocre, there was no interference from other stations, and that it was difficult but not impossible to be able to hear the program through the static.

Also in the log entry above, I included three links. 9580 links to the listing for the frequency, while the other two links point to search results from this website for the station and the transmitter location (which lets you past log entries, discussion, etc.) from this blog on that topic.

With regards to citing sources used to identify broadcasts, songs, etc., I normally do this by way of a hyperlink.

Lastly I need to give credit where credit is due and mention Glenn Hauser (another Okie) as I have modeled much of my logging method of late on the method he uses on his World of Radio show.