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  1. I moved to Choctaw, OK. a little over a year ago…I already know and knew before I moved here that OK views are different from S.F. CA views on Socialism, so what makes you the link to OK Socialists????? We do think differently…I will admit, they do think differently from what I was used to in VA, but not by much. But, by you automatically linking a San Fran link to a Bible belt state makes me think you care nothing for these common people here. The culture is mighty different.

  2. Hey James!
    You should check this out:
    Young people from Oklahoma and all across the country have been outside Senator Coburn’s office for 144 hours in the cold waiting for Senator Coburn to remove his hold on the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Act (S. 1067).
    • The Lord’s Resistance Army has committed mass atrocities and conducted a massive child abduction campaign against innocent civilians for the last twenty-three years.
    • The LRA has decimated communities in DR Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan in the last six months causing the displacement of 1500 civilians, the abduction of 2000 children, and the murder of thousands.
    • Since Senator Coburn has put a hold on the bill, the LRA has abducted over 100 kids and massacred over 300 people.
    • LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act (S. 1067, H.R. 2478) is a bipartisan and historical piece of legislation that will help end the longest running war in Africa, and it is the most widely supported piece of Africa legislation as far back as electronic documents take us, or at least 37 years. Although the bill has 161 cosponsors in the House and 64 cosponsors in the Senate, Senator Coburn has put a hold on the bill.
    • The bill calls for $40 million dollars to provide aid to communities that have been recently decimated by the LRA for basic needs to sustain the surviving civilian populations, as well as provide the necessary transitional justice programs in Northern Uganda. The bill calls on the Obama administration to come up with a comprehensive strategy to apprehend the leadership of the LRA, remove children on war from the battlefield, and provide civilian protection.
    • Young people have travelled from all across the country and will “hold out” outside of Senator Coburn’s office in Oklahoma City until he removes his hold.
    • These young people have held to their word and faced the cold weather and sub-zero conditions overnight, and will continue to do so to prove their unwavering commitment to justice.
    Will you take a moment to post this to your blog?

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