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A response to OU Professor David Deming

The Oklahoman: OU professor— Youths’ attraction to Sanders shows education failure After writing a comment to this story on The Oklahoman’s website, I decided that I really need to flesh this out more and write a paragraph-by-paragraph response to professor Deming. What follows is my response (with Professor Demings remarks in blockquotes and marked with […]

Mennonite Voting Tips (or "To vote or not to vote, that is the question)

I found two pretty good artiles that discuss voting from a Mennonite perspective. The first takes a pretty radical position (but one that was pretty common during much of Anabaptist history), that of non-participation in secular government. Polls Apart — Why Believers Might Conscientiously Abstain from Voting – by John D. Roth (from the conference […]

It's time for Bush and Congress to quit running up the government "credit card"

MSNBC/AP: One-year Treasury bill returns as deficit soars — Bush adminstration expands borrowing options after stimulus checks sent WASHINGTON – The Bush administration, moving to cope with soaring budget deficits, says it is bringing back the one-year Treasury bill that it stopped issuing seven years ago when the budget was in surplus. The administration said […] is a trademark of JMBranum Enterprises. Unless otherwise noted, content is (c) 1995-2018 James M. Branum and JMBranum Enterprises, but most content is available for non-commercial use. Check with us for more details. Frontier Theme