This is part of my ongoing series of blog posts, reporting on what is going on with the Oklahoma Objector Community’s Community Garden plot (with all produce being grown either being given to folks in need, or sold and the funds used to help folks in need).

Today I did planting. Since, I’m using the square foot method, I’m recording what get planted in each square foot, with the plots being designated as follows (FYI, each square gets a letter and a number. The letter represents the bed, while the number represents the square foot).

Hopefully we’ll see some seeds germinating soon, especially if we get a little warmer weather.

A1: Marigold, French double mixed colors + Onion setsA2: Okra (clemson spineless)A3: Okra (Clemson spineless)A4: Marigold, French double mixed colors + Onion sets
A5: Pea (Oregon Sugar Pod II)A6: Pea (Oregon Sugar Pod II)A7: Pea (Oregon Sugar Pod II)A8: Pea (Oregon Sugar Pod II)
A9: Kale, Dwarf blue curled vatesA10: Kale, Dwarf blue curled vatesA11: Kale, Dwarf blue curled vatesA12: Kale, Dwarf blue curled vates
A13: Lettuce, All season Romaine BlendA14: Lettuce, All season Romaine BlendA15: Lettuce, All season Romaine BlendA16: Lettuce, All season Romaine Blend
A17: Texas Bluebonnets + Onion setsA18: Sunflower (Pikes Peak)A19: CilantroA20: Basil (viva la vita dulce blend)
A21: Pea (dwarf gray sugar)A22: Pea (dwarf gray sugar)A23: CilantroA24: Sweet basil
A25: Mustard GreensA26: Lettuce (grand rapids)A27: Black Turtle BeansA28: Carrots, Danvers half long
A29: Marigold (Cracker jack) + Onion setsA30: OreganoA31: Parsley, Italian flat leafA32: Marigold (Cracker jack) + Onion sets

Note: All seeds were from American Seed Co., except for: A5-12, A18 (Burpees), A17, A20 (Botantical Interests Organic)