photo: Fort Sill Golf Course

Yesterday, I got the chance to play a quick 9 holes of golf at the Fort Sill Golf Course so I thought I would share some pictures and give my impressions (unfortunately I can only comment on the front 9).

  1. The course is very nice with lots of very old big trees, a rarity at golf courses in this part of Oklahoma. I have to think it would make for a very pleasant round in the summer. There are some views of the Wichita Mountains on some holes.
  2. The course is well maintained with decent greens.
  3. No water features (at least on the front 9) which means I didn’t lose nearly as many balls as I normally lose.
  4. I didn’t have time to eat in their little cafe, but the menu looked good and there were a fair number of folks in there for lunch. The course does bar outside food and drink, but they have a decent selection of soft drinks and some beer, the best being Shiner Bock (at $3/can).
  5. There is a nice back patio on the clubhouse (which presumably would be a great place for cigar smoking).
  6. Very nice folks out playing on the course —including two parties that kindly let me play through. And there was a wide range of ages and races among those playing, which is always nice to see.
  7. About half of the folks were in carts and half were walking.
  8. The price was good — I think it was $17 for the 9 holes with a cart.
  9. Access to post is required to play, but assuming one has no warrants or serious criminal convictions, it is not hard to get a pass to the post. Just go to the Fort Sill VCC (Visitor’s Control center) by the main gate, bringing along a photo ID. It will likely take about 30 minutes (unless you get lucky on the line) and if you plan to play often, you should ask the officer to give you a longer pass which will cover multiple visits.