picture of armed people outside of Higher Plain Baptist Church

Notice: This post (as is always the case on this blog) reflects my own personal views and not those of any organization I work with or for.

Please consider signing and sharing this petition: https://sign.moveon.org/p/higherplainbaptist which calls for the IRS to revoke the 501c3 tax exempt status of Higher Plain Baptist Church, for its sponsorship of a political campaign event, but also for the Oklahoma County Election board to remove Higher Plain Baptist Church from its list of polling places in Oklahoma County.

Here are some pictures that help to tell this story better from the night of the event (from Mark Faulk):

And here’s some videos: https://www.facebook.com/100000954514971/videos/4664604883581283/ and https://www.facebook.com/100000954514971/videos/4664254933616278/

And finally here are some pictures I shot on election day, showing this church being used as a polling place, less than 72 hours after the armed pro-Trump/anti-BLM event was held at this church: