GRAPHICAL Presentation: Oklahoma: A public health disaster. As of September 8, 2020 the COVID-19 infectoin total in Oklahoma is 64,220. This rate of infection is 8.53X the US infection rate, 4.62X the Global infection rate and 40.5X the Cuban infection rate. We can do better than this. Full statistics and citations to sources can be found at:

According to the following chart (based on the latest numbers available from the Oklahoma department of health, the WHO, and the Cuban ministry of health), Oklahoma is failing badly when it comes to stopping the COVID19 pandemic.

In practical terms, Oklahomans are being infected with COVID19 at a rate that is 8.53 times higher than the national infection rate and that is 4.62 times higher than the global infection rate. And when compared to Cuba, Oklahomans are infected at a rate that is 40.5 times higher than Cuba’s rate of infection.

I’m sharing this information because we as Oklahomans must take steps ourselves to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors, because our state’s leaders have PROVEN that they will NOT do the right thing.

This chart is based on the latest statistics available this morning, 9:30 am CDT September 8, 2020.

Confirmed COVID Cases4,35264,220622,97427,236,916
COVID Deaths102853188,003891,031
Infection Rate0.04%1.62%0.19%0.35%
Death Rate0.0009%0.02%0.06%0.01%
Data current as of 9:30 am CDT, September 8, 2020, percentages are rounded to nearest .01% except for Cuban death rate which is rounded to the nearest 0.0001%. Also when numbers conflicted (i.e. Cuba has more up to date numbers than the WHO is reporting), I went with the higher numbers.