162.400 Mhz. FM WXK85 at 21:00 UTC. SIO 555. Station ID was male voice (not robot), but after that back to robot voice reporting on flood conditions in Northern Oklahoma.

106.7 Mhz. FM KTUZ Banter in Spanish from “El Chacolado” at 21:13. SIO 555. Recruiting ad for the Oklahoma Army National Guard in Spanish aired a few minutes previously.

105.7 FM KROU (simulcast of KGOU) at 21:22. SIO 555. NPR’s All Things considered talking about the failure of Israeli PM Netanyahu to form a government, with new elections scheduled for September. — Later at 21:28, discussions on the use of relatively low-tech drones being used by Huti (spelling?) rebels in Yemen. — At 21:30 conversation about allegations that Russia is now doing low-yield nuclear testing in violation of the Nuclear Testing Moratorium.