Flag of Mexico

Receptions from approximately 50 miles Southeast of Cabo San Lucas and 120 miles Southwest of Mazatlan at a QTH of DL52kd, outdoors on deck 17 of the Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship.

89.7 XHOPE-FM Heard at 23:43 UTC (17:43 MDT), Sta. ID as “Donte XM” Music sounds like Reggeton style to me. Later on hear announcer talking about the “fin de semana” (weekend) SIO 555.

93.1 XHESJC-FM 23:48 UTC (17:48 MDT) Banda Music with some qrm from an English language pop station. SIO 433.

89.5 FM ?Station Heard at 23:35 UTC (17:45 MDT) – Several adverts including one for MazatlanNissan.com, followed by Norteno music. Later on the station faced some QRM from a station,
music in English playing “Dust in the wind”. SIO 544.
No solid station ID, but most likely possibilties are

92.5 FM ?Station at 23:45 UTC (17:45 MDT). Hip-hop in Spa. SIO 454. A few minutes I tuned back I heard ID of “Radio Red” followed by pop music in Spa. Station ID is hesitant, but most likely possibility is either XHANS-FM in
(Bahía Asunción, Baja California Sur, Mexico) or XHMLS-FM in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.