LOGO: Voice of Greece

Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the mode is AM, and my QTH is in EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City

Most of my listening is done via ultralight shortwave radio receivers (my favorite of late is my CCrane Skywave), but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817 or a standard car radio. I use a variety of antennas when at home but often use only the stock antenna when walking or bike riding outdoors.

My recent WSPR receptions are not logged in this report, but can be found here.  More information on my use of WSPR (both receiving and transmitting) can be found on this page.


  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 5040 on June 30, 03:05. SIO 453 in Spa. Traditional Cuban music.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6060 on June 30, 03:08. SIO 554 in Spa. Traditional Cuban music.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on June 30, 03:10. SIO 343 in Eng. News bulletins were read by Gerwin Jones and I think Elena Val Verde.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on July 3, 03:00. SIO 554 in Eng. 1 Top of the hour station ID, then this day in history about democratically elected leader in Africa who was assassinated by the Belgians (but I missed his name), then news roundup read by Ed Newman, Gerwin Jones and Elena Val Verde – focusing primarily on Mexico’s election of a leftist president in a landslide election. Later an editorial about the Mexican election by Alberto de Perez, then a story about Caribbean business expo in Santiago de Cuba read by a new person, but forgot her name – maybe it was Nicole something, then “some great Cuban music,” then midpoint news summary.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on July 5, 03:59. SIO 454 in Eng. Interval signal, Ed Newman started the show with normal intro, then today in history segment, “July 5, 1811 – Venezuela declared its independence,”  —After that, news headlines were read by Ed, Gerwin Jonews and Elena Val Verde, including: (1) Cuban Pres. Diaz-Canel meets with Dominca PM, (2) Cuban communist party to consider constitutional changes — Raul is presiding over the process. Last major revision was in 1976 and circumstances have changed significantly since then. Diaz-Canel says it will retain the humanistic and social justice aspects of the constitution. Final version of the draft constitution will be submitted to a public referendum (3) US government agency refuses to say how many children are in ICE custody. — Starting at 04:14: Editorial by Alberto de Perez about the responses of governments around the world to the various refugee crises, and the especially tragic and cruel approach of the USA under Trump. Also discussing massive protests in the USA. — Ed says it is hot and rainy today in Havana. — Interview by Juan Juacomina (sp?) talking with Gloria Delvia (sp?) a solidarity activist, conducted at RHC studios. Included discussion of Cindy Sheehan’s visit to Cuba. Then some beautiful Cuban music (but Ed said the singer’s name too fast for me to catch, given my limited Spanish fluency). — At 04:27 started the Midweek edition of “The Mailbag Show” — Letters received from Utah (USA), Germany, India, Pakistan, British Columbia (Canada), along with 2 more from Canada and several with no locations mentioned. At 04:38 was Arts Roundup with Gerwin Jones.


    • France
      • Issoudun
        • NHK World - Radio JapanNHK World Japan 6105 on June 30, 03:09. SIO 554. Talk in an Asian language, male voice.
    • Greece
      • Athens
        • LOGO: Voice of GreeceVoice of Greece 9420 on June 30, 02:45. SIO 353. Music in Greek, later ID at :56 in Eng “This is Athens, You are listening to the voice of Greece,” sounds like some kind of filler/interval music as this repeats over and over. — Later at 02:59, I hear what I assume is the Greek national anthem, then on to some talk and Greek music.
    • USA
      • Louisiana
        • New Orleans
          • LOGO: WRNO WorldwideWRNO 7505 on July 5, 04:40. SIO 343. Religious. Interview with an author talking about “Winning your adult child back to Christ.” Due to noise, I’m only catching parts of the conversation. — The interviewer is talking about her adult son who is at the Univ. of Arkansas and she is upset about his lack of faith. The interviewee is talking about how that many professors try to “deconvert” their students away from Christianity. Later he is saying that professors will try to push student to move away from Eurocentric views of the world, etc.— My thoughts in response is that it is a sad, sad thing that the traditional Christian idea of hell causes so many parents such unnecessary anxiety and grief. But it is also sad that
      • North Carolina
        • Greenville
          • LOGO: Radio MartiRadio Marti 7335 on July 5, 04:57. SIO 454. Cheesy pop music in English, then some commentary by a male voice, now playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Our tax dollars at work… $15 million per year to undermine the Cuban revolution, in the hopes that someday they can have a crappy medical system like we have in the USA. — Now the commentator is talking about the legacy of Jose Marti — so incredibly offensive to see the USA empire try to coopt Marti’s legacy. —Interval signal at 04:59, station ID at 05:00. No noticeable QRM right now.
  1. My notes were done from memory a short time later as I heard this broadcast while riding my bicycle in Northwest Oklahoma City