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KG5JST Radio Reception Logs, June 5-16, 2018

Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the mode is AM, and my QTH isĀ in EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City

Most of my listening is done via ultralight shortwave radio receivers (my favorite of late is my CCrane Skywave), but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817 or a standard car radio. I use a variety of antennas when at home but often use only the stock antenna when walking or bike riding outdoors.

  • Albania
  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 5040 on June 5, 01:55. SIO 554 in Spa.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on June 10, 03:29. SIO 555! — Caught just the tail-end of an episode of break through hosted by Arnie Coro, discussing efforts to modernize the Cuban national railroad. I hope they replay this one as it sounds very interesting… one important note is that Arnie mentioned that the railroad is the most economical method of transportation for both freight and passengers. — At 03:30 started The Jazz Place with Gerwin Jones. Smoking hot trumpets and sax, but didn’t catch the band’s name. — Later on I find out it is the Yosvany Terry Sextet, which blends Cuban traditions and US American jazz. I will be looking for more of Terry’s work. I’m impressed.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on June 5, 02:07. SIO 554 in Eng. Reports of Israel air strikes against Gaza, tanks have also been fired.
    • Bejucal
      • Radio Havana Cuba 7330 on June 7, 23:55. SIO 444 in Spa. Afro-Cuban music. Then interval signal at the top of the hour… “este es Radio Habana Cuba”
    • Quivican
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6000 on June 5, 02:03. SIO 454in Eng. Gerwin Jones and Ed Newman delivering the news. One story stands out — Pope Francis calling for peace in Nicaragua (Ed says that protests of Noriega are being infiltrated by right-wing elements).
  • France
  • United States
    • Alabama
      • Vandiver
        • WEWN (EWTN) 5970 on June 5, 02:02. SIO 554 in Spa. “Canciones Columbiano,” then phone # given in Spanish for US listeners, then more music.
    • Florida
      • Okeechobee
        • LOGO: WRMIWRMI 5810 on June 5, 01:56. Music at the end of the Wavescan program. SIO 555 in Eng. Sta. ID at 01:59 then “Brother” Stair.
        • WRMI 5950 on June 5, 02:02. Music “Great things I have done”
        • WRMI 9395 on June 8, 00:10. Voice of the Report of the Week, discussing issues of Youtube monetization.
    • Tennessee
      • Nashville
        • LOGO: WWCRWWCR 5935 on June 5, 02:01. Melissa Scott preaching. SIO 555 in Eng.
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