Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the mode is AM, and my QTH is in EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City

Most of my listening is done via ultralight shortwave radio receivers (my favorite of late is my CCrane Skywave), but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817 or a standard car radio. I use a variety of antennas when at home but often use only the stock antenna when walking or bike riding outdoors.

Editing note from May 23, 2018: Thanks to comments sent by Glenn Hauser of World of Radio, I have corrected some times that I wrote down as Central time rather than UTC. 

  • Albania
  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 6165 on May 23, 02:16, SIO 454 in Eng. Alberto de Perez discussing the terror of nuclear warfare and the absurd irony of the USA seeking to take away the nuclear weapons of other nations, when it is the only nation that has used nuclear weapons. Ed Newman talked during gap between segments, then At :17, Elena val verde report on health conference in Cuba. — Later at :24, some “great Cuban music” — On 6000 at about 453.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6060 on May 22, 12:31. SIO 554 in Spa. Heard Sta. ID.
      • LOGO: Radio RebeldeRadio Rebelde 5025 on May 22, 11:41. SIO 353. News/talk in Spa.
    • Quivican
  • France
  • Japan
    • Chiba
      • Nagara 1
        • LOGO: NikkeiRadio Nikkei 3925 on May 22, 11:23. SIO 242. Very faint music.
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
    • North Island
      • Rangitaiki
        • LOGO: Radio New Zealand InternationalRadio New Zealand International 7425 on May 22, 12:37. SIO 252. Male voice talking.
        • Radio New Zealand International RNZI 11725 RNZI on May 23, 05:06. SIO 454. Female voice. News and local weather. Signal stronger than usual. Later at 05:17, a hard hitting interview with several veteranarians regarding some kind of animal disease scandal. I later find out it is related to some recent outbreaks of Mycoplasma bovis 2, a disease that apparently harms the cattle with a wide range of problems but doesn’t hurt humans who eat the meat from infected animals 3
  • Romania
  • Taiwan
  • USA
    • Alabama
      • Vandiver
        • WEWN 5970 on May 22, 12:29. SIO 454 in Spa.
    • Colorado
      • Ft. Collins
        • LOGO: WWV - Fort Collins, Colorado - NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology - U.S. Department of CommerceWWV 5000 on May 22, 11:25. SIO 453. Normal time transmissions.
    • Florida
      • Okeechobee
        • LOGO: WRMIWRMI 5850 and 7730 on May 21, 07:00. BSR International Magazine Show (a program that I produce), 1st half hour was repeat of previous week’s train music episode. 2nd half hour was BSR Radiogram #9., in MFSK32 mode. Then at 08:00 was the Shortwave Radiogram  in a variety of digital modes. I haven’t had the chance to decode these programs yet, but I have received quite a few QSL reports via email and facebook for the BSR Radiogram program.
    • Oklahoma
      • Edmond
        • K5EOKK5EOK 147.135+ Mhz. FM on May 22, 01:10. – I logged into the Edmond Monday Night Information net via the K5EOK repeater at 147.135 Mhz. FM, and later made an announcement about the digital mode broadcasts on WRMI from 07:30-08:30 UTC on Mondays. Enjoyable as always to login to our very active local net.