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KG5JST Radio Reception Logs May 11-14, 2018

Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the mode is AM, and my QTH is in EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City

Most of my listening is done via ultralight shortwave radio receivers (my favorite of late is my CCrane Skywave), but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817 or a standard car radio. I use a variety of antennas when at home but often use only the stock antenna when walking or bike riding outdoors.


  • Albania
  • Canada
    • Ontario
      • Ottawa
        • LOGO: CHU CanadaCHU 3330 on May 11, 08:03. SIO 353 in Fre/Eng.
  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 6165 on May 14, 04:03. SIO 454 in Eng. Ed Newman giving week in review news summary — discussions on US-Venezuela relationship, Cuban response to US withdrawal from Iranian nuclear deal in joining other nations that condemned US withdrawal and seeking to ensure that the deal survives. Also report on Syrian air force interception of Israeli rockets from the Golan Heights, but Israel claims rocket fire was coming in at them. — Later reporting that Oliver North will become the next president of the National Rifle Association in the USA. (yikes!) — DXer’s Unlimited with Arnie Coro, CO2KK at 04:11. Discussions of emergency communications by hams, especially in earthquakes and other disasters where other communication infrastructure may be knocked out. Later some discussion of MW DX’ing in North America (one interesting idea— listen for stations from other parts of the world that use 9 khz spacing and narrowed bandwidth) — at 04:20 started weekend edition of the mailbag show with Ed and Irma. Letters were read from listeners, including some mentioning Mother’s Day in Cuba — Letters and QSL reports came in from the USA (Indiana, Connecticut, California, Ohio, and Louisiana), Russia, England, Germany, Canada, Sweden, India and China. — “From Havana” segment hosted by Daniel Montero, featuring music by the legendary Cuban singer, Omara Poruondo, who later was a part of the Buena Vista Social Club. Start of next hour’s program began 2 minutes early at 04:58. This week in history, May 14, 1983- President of the African National Congress met Fidel Castro in Cuba, May 14, 1991 – A group of Cuban Americans “Brothers to Rescue” had a press conference to announce their claims of looking to rescue Cuban migrants but instead was a cover for terrorism. Now start of week in Review. – discussion of opening of US embassy in Jerusalem (with his daughter and son-in-law going to Jerusalem for the opening), Venezuela will be leaving the OAS (Organization of American states).
      • LOGO: Radio RebeldeRadio Rebelde 5025 on May 11, 08:00. SIO 454. Interval signal, a tidbit of some januty Cuban music.
    • Bejucal
    • Quivican
      • China Radio International 9790 via relay on May 14, 03:22. SIO 454 in Eng. Discussing implications of the US embassy being opened in Jerusalem, later commentary on the relocation of black rhinos from South Africa to Chad.
  • External Territory of the Holy See in Italy
    • Santa Maria di Galeria, 
      • LOGO: VOAVoice of America via relay 7260 on May 14, 03:50. SIO 454 in Somali. 2 Confirmed ID by listening to UTwente SDR. Talk, later a cool sounding 1960’s-ish rock and roll song with jangly guitars, I’m assuming in Somali language. Then off the air at 04:00.
  • Madagascar
    • Talata-Volundry
      • NHK World - Radio JapanNHK World Japan 9560. SIO 454. Not sure on language. Sounds like Japanese to me, however schedule says this time should be Swahili. I am hearing some words in English “Tokyo,” “Israel,” “Jerusalem” and “Palestinian.” However, I also heard “norte American” and “Americani.” — I am pretty sure it is a news broadcast no matter what the language. At 03:30 I heard announcement about “Swahili” and “Radio Japan,” but I can’t understand anything else.
  • New Zealand
    • North Island
      • Rangitaiki
        • LOGO: Radio New Zealand InternationalRadio New Zealand International 7425 on May 11, 07:57. SIO 242 playing Abba, very hard to make out. Confirmed via webstream. (Using 40 meter backyard dipole)
  • USA
    • Florida
    • Louisiana
      • New Orleans
        • LOGO: WRNO WorldwideWRNO 7505 on May 14, 03:35. SIO 453 in Eng. End of show “Maranatha Radio with Pastor Ray Bentley” of San Diego. At 03:36 station ID of WRNO with QSL email of Another episode of Maranatha Radio starting at 03:37, a study from the Biblical book of Joshua.
    • Maine
      • Monticello
        • LOGO: WBCQ - Free Speech Radio - Since 1998 - Monticello, Maine, USAWBCQ 7490 on May 14, 03:40. SIO 353. Some kind of preaching, ranting about evolution. Very hard to hear, buried in noise floor, only able to make it out by narrowing the bandwidth.
    • North Carolina
      • Greenville
        • LOGO: Radio MartiRadio Marti 7335 on May 14, 03:49. SIO 444 in Spa. Male and female voices giving what sounds like news headlines. Some QRM from Cuban jamming but largely ineffective.
    • South Carolina
      • Cypress Springs
        • LOGO: WHRI LeSeaBroadcastingNetworkWHRI 7385 on May 14, 03:47. SIO 554 in Eng. Preaching, really ranting about alcohol, “whoremongering,” homosexuality, drugs “pornographic movie parlors… sex, sex and more sex.” Personally I can’t help but think that this guy is more than a bit excited about “sex, sex and more sex” or else is jealous that someone is so much fun when he is not. Now he is talking about dirty jokes…. oh brother.
    • Tennessee
      • Lebanon
        • LOGO: WTWWWTWW 5830 on May 14, 05:09. SIO 453 in Eng. Playing some novelty gospel song about Noah by “Clint Filler,” then preaching by I think the Pastor Peters, but first talking about how one can call a number to buy a cassette! Must be an old, old program.
      • Nashville
        • LOGO: WWCRWWCR 4840 on May 14, 05:13. SIO 453 in Eng. Fish and Krill oil commercial. Then some classic radio theater.
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