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KG5JST Radio Logs April 6-13, 2018, UTC

Unless otherwise noted, all dates/times are in UTC, frequencies are in kilohertz, and the mode is AM. My QTH is EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.


    • Botswana
      • Selebi-Phikwe
        • LOGO: VOAVoice of America 15730 on April 13, 00:03. SIO 554 in Fre. Sounds like the news. Possibly some discussions of testimony of Zuckerberg before US congress regarding Facebook privacy scandals. Later heard the words “Oklahoma City” so I’m assuming it must be some discussion of the Oklahoma teacher’s strike.
    • CUBA
      • Bauta
        • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba on 15140 on April 12, 19:54, SIO 342 in Eng. (only intelligible with bandwidth narrowed and using headphones). End of the show news headlines read by Ed Newman
        • Radio Havana Cuba 5040 on April 12, 23:24, SIO 242 in Spa. Very faint but expected since this is very early (more than an hour before sunset here in Oklahoma). Music.
        • Radio Havana Cuba 11760 on April 13, 00:00 SIO 343 in Spa. Interval signal, then announcement of schedules. Also heard the interval signal on 11700 (but it was much, much fainter), but says that Radio Romania International should be on this frequency.
        • LOGO: Radio ProgresoRadio Progreso 4765 on April 13, 01:34. SIO 443 in Spa. Cuban music.Some QRM but may be local elecromagnetic noise? When QRM is gone, it sounds more like 554. More music. Sta. ID at :39.
        • LOGO: Radio RebeldeRadio Rebelde 5025 on April 12, 23:22, SIO 343 in Spa., coming in surprisingly early (6:22 pm Oklahoma time, more than an hour before sunset). Talk/news.
        • Radio Rebelde 5025 on April 13, 01:41, SIO 554 in Spa. Schmaltzy music. Strong signal but overmodulated.
      • Quivican
        • China Radio InternationalChina Radio International 5990 on April 12, 23:26, SIO 242 in Eng. Talk – Another surprisingly early transmission at this frequency. So far very pleased with using the bandwidth tool on my new CCrane Skywave radio.
  • France
    • Issoudun
      • NHK World - Radio JapanNHK Japan 6105 on April 13, 02:08. SIO 454 in Japanese. Male voice talking. Heard word “Tokyo.”
  • USA
    • Colorado
      • Fort Collins
        • LOGO: WWV - Fort Collins, Colorado - NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology - U.S. Department of CommerceWWV 5000 on April 13, 01:40. SIO 454. Normal time broadcast.
    • Florida
      • Okeechobee
        • WRMILOGO: WRMI on 5850 on April 9, 07:10, SIO 555 for Broad Spectrum Radio, episode for 2nd week of April 2018.
        • WRMI on 7730 on April 9, 07:00, SIO 555 for Broad Spectrum Radio, episode for 2nd week of April 2018.
        • WRMI 5850 on April 13, 04:00, SIO 454. “Brother Stair” is still spewing his message out on shortwave radio. The sooner he is in jail for molesting children, the better.
    • Maine
      • Monticello
        • LOGO: WBCQ - Free Speech Radio - Since 1998 - Monticello, Maine, USAWBCQ 7490, April 12, 23:39 Religious/political mixture. Talking about global currency issues, the story of Lazarus, etc. Interestingly he is critical of almost everyone – mainstream media but also Alex Jones. He is against the “globalist” agenda but also is opposed to the “patriot” movement. Now talking about “gold shills.” Super-interesting. I wish I knew what his thesis was. — Digging deeper, I checked the WBCQ schedule and it looks like this is “Know Your Adversary,” a program hosted by Chris Pirnak. From perusing his website, he is opposed to socialism, but also globalism. Definitely an interesting mix —- while I’m not down with many of his beliefs, he makes some good points (most notably the idea that every movement has a “confirmation bias” which pushes people to only consider media and other thought from those who confirm their own beliefs) His website is at:
    • North Carolina
      • Greenville
        • LOGO: Radio MartiRadio Marti 11930, April 12, 23:15 Music “The sultans of swing” then MLB baseball news in Spanish. Possibly the only worthwhile thing that R. Marti is broadcasting to a Cuban audience. — Interesting, the sportscaster is using Spanish language names for most of the teams (i.e. “Los Indios” for “The Indians,” etc.) — By the way, I heard plenty of US based media when I was in Cuba back in 2016, but I never heard Radio Marti or any of the other US government propaganda stations. Radio Marti is a waste of US taxpayer money.
    • Oklahoma
      • Oklahoma City
        • LOGO: All Hazards NOAA Weather RadioWXK85 162.4 Mhz FM on April 12, 18:00, SIO 555. Reporting in OKC that wind is 31 from the South, gusting to 38 mph. Temp is 81 F. Critical to extremely critical fire danger weather. Thunderstorms are possible late tonight. This is life in Oklahoma.
      • Spencer
        • LOGO: KGOUKROU 105.7 FM Mhz. (relay of KGOU) on April 12, 17:55, SIO 555. Music segment about John Prine‘s news album “The Tree of Forgiveness” on Fresh Air. Never heard of him but I like his gritty folky sound. — My first reception with my new CCrane Skywave radio which came by UPS an hour ago. Beautiful sound on FM.
      • Shawnee
        • LOGO: KGFF 100.9 FM 1450 AMKGFF 1450  on April 9, 18:50, SIO 454. 80’s pop/rock. This station is owned by the Citizen Pottawatomie Nation. (heard from my car radio)
    • South Carolina
      • Cypress Creek
        • WHRILOGO: WHRI LeSeaBroadcastingNetwork 7315 on April 12, 23:30 SIO 353 in Eng. Dr. Lester Someral (spelling?) talking about the story of Samson from the Bible.
    • Tennessee
      • Nashville
        • LOGO: WWCRWWCR 9350 on April 12, 20:50. SIO 454. Classic Radio Theater playing an episode of Fibber McGee and Molly from April 2, 1946.
        • WWCR 6115 on April 12, 23:28. SIO 454. Talking about super volcanos, future risk.
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