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KG5JST Radio Logs April 5-6, 2018 UTC

The MW receptions below were heard with my small Radio Shack ultralight receiver using a homebrewed milk crate antenna (I’ll post more about this later). The SW receptions were heard with my Tecsun PL 310 ET, using the same antenna but connected in a different manner.

Unless otherwise noted, all dates/times are in UTC, frequencies are in kilohertz, and the mode is AM. My QTH is EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.


  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 6165 on Apr 7, 04:34. SIO 454-555 in Eng. Discussion of arrest warrant situation for former President Lula of Brazil, passive protests throughout the country. Later discussion of Trump’s stupid trade war against China. At :39, start of Caribbean Outlook show with Elena Val Verde, interview by Juan Juacomina (sp?) with a Puerto Rican activist.
  • USA
        • Georgia
          • Atlanta
            • WSB 750 on Apr 6, 05:27. SIO 343 in Eng. Sta. ID. Discussion of Trump investigation.
        • Illinois
        • Iowa
          • Cedar Rapids
            • LOGO: WMT AM 600 NewsradioWMT 600 on April 6, 04:49. SIO 333 in Eng. Sta ID. Some adverts, lots of QRM from other stations. — Heard via Radio Shack Receiver using Milk Crate Loop Antenna.
        • Minnesota
          • Minneapolis
            • LOGO: WCCO News Radio 830WCCO 830 on Apr 6, 05:40. SIO 343 in Eng. Talk about drug problems in the USA. Confirmed ID by webstream
        • Missouri
          • Kansas City
            • LOGO: KCMO Talk RadioKCMO 710 on Apr 6, 05:14. SIO 444 in Eng. Discussion about US trade war with China. Confirmed ID with webstream.
        • Nebraska
          • Lexington
            • LOGO: KRVNKRVN “Rural Radio” 880 on Apr 6, 05:53. SIO 554 in Eng. Nationally syndicated Jim Bohananon show. One caller is suggesting US should invade Mexico to secure the border. National adverts. Another caller is saying there is armed invasion at the southern border and thinks that a national emergency should be called. Caller says “they are garbage down there.” A later caller claims the caravan heading to the border is just a diversionary tactic.Local commercial for “Lexington Regional Health Center.”Station ID that mentions ag news, etc.National “news” from Fox. China will be standing up to US in the trade war. Trump is denying his payoff of one of his porn star mistresses.
        • Ohio
          • Cincinatti
            • LOGO: WLW 700WLW 700 on Apr 6, 05:09. SIO 554 in Eng. – talking about coming cold snap could damage some winter wheat in the Southern Plains!
        • Oklahoma
          • Norman
            • LOGO: All Hazards NOAA Weather RadioWXK85 162.4 Mhz. FM SIO 555 in Eng.¬†Weather radio talking about the snow/sleet falling in Oklahoma! Winter weather isn’t unheard of in Oklahoma in April, but it is fairly rare, particularly since many of the trees have already bloomed and leafed out.
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