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KG5JST Radio Listening Logs, March 25-28, 2018, UTC

Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the transmission mode is AM, and all times and dates are in UTC.

And unless other noted, my QTH is EM15ep in the Deer Creek area of far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA.

My listening equipment is most often a Tecsun PL-310 ET, but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817, my TIVDIO V-115, my Radio Shack 2000669, as well as AM/FM car radios. My favorite antenna is my MFJ-1988-T multiband backpacker antenna, but many of my receptions are with the stock antenna only or an attached random long-wire.


    • GRAPHIC: Flag of Canada Canada

      • Ontario
        • Ottawa
          • CHU 14760 on Mar 27, 17:10. SIO 343 in Eng/Fre.
    • FLAG OF CUBA Cuba

      • Bauta
        • Radio Havana Cuba 17730 on Mar 28, 14:29. SIO 353-454 in Spa. Cuban traditional music. Better signal at 15370, SIO 555.
        • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on Mar 26, 05:08, SIO 554 in Eng. Week in Review with Elena, Arnie Coro’s DX’ers Unlimited, then mailbag show(possibly a rerun as Gerwin is still the lead announcers today’s episode), with listeners rom Italy, USA (New Jersey, Missouri and Maine), Canada (BC), Sweden, Italy, Algeria, UK, Pakistan and Duseldorf, Germany. Then “From Havana” segment.
        • Radio Progreso 4765 on Mar 27, 01:55. SIO 434 in Spa. Music with an odd pulse sound in background in one second intervals. Jamming or transmitter error?
        • Radio Rebelde 5025 on Mar 27, 01:57. SIO 454 in Spa.
        • Radio Rebelde 5025 on Mar 28, 12:32. SIO 353 in Spa. Music with some talking.
        • Radio Rebelde 5025 on Mar 26, 06:01, SIO 555 in Spa. Organ music for opening, interval signal, more music.
      • Quivican
        • China Radio International 5990 on Mar 25, 23:05. SIO 555 in Eng. News including stories about gun debates in the USA and a Chinese delegation that is seeking better relationships with India.
        • China Radio Int. 13740 on Mar 28, 15:15. SIO 454 in Eng. Discussions of a possible US-China trade war. Commentators seem hopeful that cooler heads will prevail. Lots of discussion in comparing the trade relations of the US and Japan in the 1980’s to present situation, but also discussing how the situations are not analagous (given the US’s post WW2 occupation of Japan and its ongoing military presence). The commentator says the biggest problems is that the US isn’t producing enough goods that would be interest to Chinese consumers.
        • Radio Havana Cuba 11840 on Mar 25, 23:10. SIO 343. Interesting non-typical jazz music. More dischordance.
    •  Flag of Madagascar Madagascar

    •  Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

      • Rangitaiki
        • Radio New Zealand International, Mar 25, 07:11. SIO 353. Playing Woody Guthrie’s “This land is your land.” (note to self, e-qsl report sent to RNZI).
    • Flag of USA United States

      • Unknown
        • Unknown
          • Unknown-Military 15016 USB, Mar 27, 17:05. SIO 555 in ENg. Heard “I have you leaving his net” followed by a series of letters numbers and then dead air. I believe this might be some kind of US military communications, based on this discussion:
      • California
        • Valley Springs
          • W6CTF 14340 USB. Mar 27, 15:15. SIO 554/SR 58. Heard this opp sign into California-Hawaii net, which I think had a net opp of K7ZS (see below).
      • Maine
        • Monticello
          • WBCQ 7490 on Mar 26, 23:58. SIO 554. End of “Camp Constitution” radio show, station ID and jingle then start of the “Isle of Music Show.” Bilingual Eng/Spa host playing music, intersperced with some interviews in Spa.
      • Montana
        • Eureka
          • WR7DW 14205 USB, heard working a pileup (but mostly I could only hear him and not those he was talking to). SIO 555/SR59. I attempted a QSO but couldn’t get through with my QRP power in my car.
      • North Carolnia
        • Greenville
          • Radio Marti 11930, Mar 25, 23:20, SIO 555 in Spa.
          • Radio Marti 13605 on Mar 28, 15:28. SIO 454 in Spa. Cuban music, then a pitch in Spanish to follow Radio Marti on facebook.
      • Oklahoma
        • Spencer
          • KROU (relay of KGOU) 105.7 MHz. FM on Mar 28, 12:59, SIO 555 in Eng. Test of the Oklahoma Emergency Alert system.
      • Oregon
        • Hillsboro
          • K7ZS 13340 USB, Mar 27, 17:12. SIO 554/SR 58. Hearing part of the California-Hawaii net but only one side of QSO’s for the most part, except for W6CTF (see above).
      • Tennessee
        • WWCR 4840 on Mar 25, 06:55. SIO 555. Main Street Church of Christ Program. Acapella singing, lots of songs I remember from my childhood, some good, some with terrible theology. Website is:
        • WWCR 3215 on Mar 26, 04:55. SIO 353. Program of Stone Kingdom ministries. Message from a British-Israelism perspective (the wacky idea that the British and other Northern European people are the 10 lost tribes of Israel),
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