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KG5JST Radio Listening Log, Mar 23-25, 2018, UTC

Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the transmission mode is AM, and all times and dates are in UTC.

And unless other noted, my QTH is EM15ep in the Deer Creek area of far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA.

My listening equipment is most often a Tecsun PL-310 ET, but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817, my TIVDIO V-115, my Radio Shack 2000669, as well as AM/FM car radios. My favorite antenna is my MFJ-1988-T multiband backpacker antenna, but many of my receptions are with the stock antenna only or an attached random long-wire.

  • Botswana
    • Selebi-Phikwe
      • LOGO: VOAVoice of America 15580 on Mar 23, 19:24. SIO 555 in Eng. “Song of the week” segment, playing good music from Africa. Around 19:30, started live studio concert from a band, The Patchwork, an Afro-Jazz band from Senegal, said to be in town for SXSW festival in Austin, TX, USA. (FYI, must be a rerun as SXSW is already over). I really like their sound. Show ended, quick station ID, playing of Yankee Doodle Dandy for the sign off, then dead air.
  • Canada
    • Ottawa
      • LOGO: CHU CanadaCHU 3330 on Mar 25, 04:50, SIO 353 in Eng/Fre. Normal time signals.
  • Columbia
    • Puerto Lleras
      • LOGO: Alcaravan RadioAlcaravan Radio 5910 on Mar 25, 04:55. SIO 252 in Spa. Faint music, at first I thought it was a Cuban station (the music sounded Cuban) but checked other known Cuban frequencies and it was something different. The only Spanish language broadcast on 5910 I could find was Alcaravan, so I think I have a hit. QSL manager is at, email is rafaelcoldx(at)yahoo(dot)co. I’m pretty sure this RX is a first for me. (Heard with my Tecsun PL-310 ET, while walking in my neighborhood outdoors at night.)
  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 6060 on Mar 24, 03:46. SIO 554 in Spa. Super-chilled out jazz with piano, drums, some horns.
    • Havana
      • China Radio Intl 9580China Radio International relayed from Cuba on Mar 25, 01:27 in Eng. Segment from the Beijing Hour program.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6000 on Mar 24, 03:00, SIO 554 in Eng. Interval jazz music. Gerwin Jones is still filling in for Ed Newman. Later a story on Venezuela’s petro cryptocurrency, as well as lots of discussion on US Pres. Donald Trump’s appointment of John Bolton, fears that US may go to war with Cuba. Later Elena witht he Caribbean outlook show.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6100 on Mar 25, 05:27. SIO 555 in Eng. Cuban music then news, including updates on the process of the electing new leadership in Cuba (including the Council of State, including the new president on April 19). Later at :32 was Arnie Coro with his show “Breakthrough” discussing use of submersible solar-powered water pumps in Cuba, to help off-the-grid farmers and others deal with times of drought. Later at :37 was Music with a Message, featuring Stevie Wonder and his 2005 album. First song, “If your love cannot be moved.” 2nd song “Shelter in the rain.” 3rd song “When will there be a time to love.”
    • USA
      • Colorado
        • Fort Collins
          • LOGO: WWV - Fort Collins, Colorado - NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology - U.S. Department of CommerceWWV 2500 on Mar. 24, 03:47. SIO 353 in Eng.
          • WWV 5000 on Mar 25, 01:30. Station ID and QSL info given for half hour mark, then back to the normal time transmissions.
      • Kansas
        • Salina
          • LOGO: KFROM 550 AM - "The voice of the plains"KFRM 550 on Mar 24, 10:47. SIO 454. Broadcast of “When Radio Was,” coming to an end, then advert for a country music compliation album. End of show with mention that it is from Then station ID, and then a program called “Kansas Profile” which had story about the Sugar Creek Country store in St. Mary’s Kansas. (
      • Oklahoma
        • Cushing
          • LOGO: KUSH 1600 AM - Cushing, OKKUSH “Sound of America” 1600 on Mar 23 16:08 via car radio rwhile at Danforth & Kelly in Edmond. SIO 433-454. Catchy songs. Some light QRM from a talk station at times, depending on the direction I’m driving. Later statewide news at 16:32.
          • KUSH 1600 on Mar 24, 10:29, SIO 433 in Eng. American music but much more QRM from other stations than usual (heard with car radio).
        • Duncan
          • WB5HAK 3910 AM on Mar 25, 00:39. SIO 555 (SR 5×9). Very good sounding ham AM signal, I heard QSO’s with several including K5NSN (see below for Weatherford, Texas)
        • Oklahoma City
          • KTUZ LogoKTUZ-FM 106.7 Mhz. FM on Mar 24, 10:36, SIO 555 in Spa. Banda music.
        • Spencer
          • LOGO: KGOUKROU (relay of KGOU)105.7 Mhz. FM on Mar 23, 16:17. SIO 555. You bet your garden from WHYY in Philadelphia. Organic gardening tips.
      • Pennsylvania
        • Red Lion
          • LOGO: WINBWINB 9265 on Mar 25, 01:10. SIO 454 in Eng. First talking about sex abuse cases by Catholic priests, but then moving into more generalized Anti-Catholic teaching. It sounds like he is reading a fundamentalist tract of some kind.
      • Tennessee
        • Nashville
          • LOGO: WWCRWWCR 3215 on Mar 25, 03:50. SIO 454 in Eng. Anti-gay religious speaker saying he is praying for those who have been “deceived by the LGBT movement,” praying that the “love of Christ” will “invade the LGBT movement” and bring individuals to “saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,” all the while playing cheesy instrumental music in the background. So sad that this is the state of religious broadcasting from the USA. As a religious person, I’m embarassed that this kind of hate speech is being spewed out to the world.
          • WWCR 4840 on Mar 25, 01:29. SIO 555. Talking Machine show, playing a really quirky old record with lots of clarinet.
      • Texas
        • Richardson
          • LOGO: Banda 13 Radio NetworkKKLF 1700 “Banda 13” on Mar 23, 16:38. SIO 222-343 in Spa. Odd mix of songs — country, disco, 70’s pop, easy listening instrumentals, operatic Ava Maria. Songs in Englist but talk in Spanish. Heard station ID at 17:00, confirmed via webstream at 18:03. Excited to hear this one as it is outside its normal daytime range.
        • Weatherford
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