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KG5JST Radio Listening Logt, March 22-23, 2018, UTC.

Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the transmission mode is AM, and all times and dates are in UTC.

And unless other noted, my QTH is EM15ep in the Deer Creek area of far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA.

My listening equipment is most often a Tecsun PL-310 ET, but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817, my TIVDIO V-115, my Radio Shack 2000669, as well as AM/FM car radios. My favorite antenna is my MFJ-1988-T multiband backpacker antenna, but many of my receptions are with the stock antenna only or an attached random long-wire.

  • Ascension
    • LOGO: BBC World ServiceBBC World Service 5925 on Mar 22, 05:08. SIO 343 in Eng. Discussion of Facebook privacy issues.
  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • LOGO: Radio RebeldeRadio Rebelde 5025 on Mar 22, 04:54. SIO 453 Spa. Discussion of Selena Gonzalez as a kind of “Musica de camposina.”
      • Radio Rebelde 5025 ON Mar 23, 05:24. SIO 453. ¡Musica Cubana,  muy fantastico! Lots of trumpet! Enjoying this a lot.
    • Havana
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 6165 on Mar 22 04:35. SIO 454 in Eng. Mailbag show with ed (Including letters from winnipeg. canada, germany, Denmark and davis, ca), arts roundup included segment about computer trade show/convention in havana.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 15140 on Mar 22, 20:11, SIO 454 in French. Talk, picked up the word tourism, but can’t make out much more as I don’t know French.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on Mar 23, 04:53, SIO 253 in Eng. Hard to hear, but I was able to pick out some discussions about the issue of human trafficking and prostitution in Cuba. — I’m glad to hear this being discussed as I was approached by far too many prostitutes when I was in Havana in 2016. While a lot of good is coming from tourism to Cuba, I’m afraid this is one area that may not be a positive, and it will take both vigilance and thoughtfulness to ensure that the sex trade doesn’t happen in a way that is exploitative. —- By the way, I must mention that I have learned from other travelers that prostitution is much more prevalent in tourist areas, such as the historic area that I was staying in, but that in other parts of Cuba it is almost non-existent.
    • USA
      • Unknown
      • Colorado
        • Denver
            • LOGO: 630 KHOWKHOW 630 on Mar 23, 05:41. SIO 242 in Eng. Hard to pick out, but confirmed via webstream. Commentator (later confirmed that it is Joe Pags) claims that young adults are going to start moving to the right. Commentator and host are also arguing that the term “crusader” isn’t offensive, and that they are upset that Holy Cross is changing their mascot. They are also opposed to what they call the “social justice narrative.” Wow! Later heard that the commentator is Cabot Phillips of This program is a reminder of what a mess AM radio has become.
      • Florida
        • Okeechobee
          • LOGO: WRMIWRMI 5850 on Mar 22, 04:56. SIO 454 in Eng. Accused serial child molester “Brother Stair” (aka Ralph Gordon Stair) told a story of how he visited Oklahoma 10 years ago. — Now talking about building bunkers and how elite are already doing this — then he jumps to talking about abortion, then without warning the station id cuts him off. Next a call fro QSL’s from WRMI but that is cut off suddenly with dead air. — My question? Who is still giving him money to run these radio programs?
        • Iowa
          • Des Moines
            • LOGO: WHO News Radio 1040WHO 1040 on Mar 23, 05:31, SIO 352 in Eng. Station ID, national news from Fox News.
        • Missouri
        • Oklahoma
          • Hobart
            • LOGO: 1420 KTJS Great Plains CountryI heard what I think was KTJS 1420 on Mar 22, 16:56, from my car radio, parked outside the NW Oklahoma City public library (QTH EM15EO). SIO 343 in Eng. Country song playing that I haven’t heard in ages, “All my old flames, have new names” by ???, but I had to step into the library to pick up my son from tutoring so I couldn’t stick around to catch a station ID. When I got back all I heard was dead air on 1420. 18 minutes later, at 17:12 (a few miles away, at a QTH of EM15EP), I heard a bit more music but still no positive ID.My assumption is that this is KTJS as it is the only country radio station I could find that would be likely to be heard in this area on 1420. But according to Radio-locator, this is outside of what they project as being the “fringe range.” I wish I could have confirmed this one for sure.
          • Norman
            • LOG: KREF Sports talk 1490 AMKREF 1400 on Mar 22, 16:46. SIO 454 in Eng. Local sportscaster is very seriously interviewing a kid named “Sam.” The sports casters encouraged him to continue as a catcher, as it is a good position as few players want to be a catcher. Followed by local adverts. ID’d as “Total sports network and the home for Sooner Sports fan.”
          • Moore/Oklahoma City
            • LOGO: KTOK Newsradio 1000KTOK “Oklahoma’s News Authority” 1000 on Mar 23, 16:34. SIO 555 in Eng. Station ID. Bit of a song, by Abba, “Waterloo,” then start of national syndicated Coast to Coast AM.
          • Tulsa
            • LOGO: KTBZ 1430 AM The BuzzKTBZ 1430 on Mar 22, 16:50. SIO 444 in Eng. Advert for Tulsa American Shaman store (a seller of Oklahoma-legal CBD products), then Fox Sports national feed.
        • Tennessee
          • Nashville
            • LOGO: WWCRWWCR 9350 on Mar 22, 20:33-20:56. SIO 555 in Eng. Classic Radio Theater with vintage news headlines (I didn’t catch the date), then an episode of the show “The Aldridge Family.”
            • WWCR 9350 on Mar 22, 21:00. SIO 555 in Eng. Station ID then The Talking Machine SHow. Started with a song from 1913 by Ada Jones and another artist. Show host later mentioned the program getting discussed on a Swedish DX Radio website. He also announces that the show is being aired by Geneva, NY Community radio, which he says is currently streaming at, and is soon to be an OTA FM radio station. Unfortunately, it looks like the internet radio station isn’t operational anymore, which is too bad. Lots more music, but I didn’t take notes as I was working in garage on a project.
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