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KG5JST, Radio Listening Logs, March 16-19, 2018 UTC

Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the transmission mode is AM, and all times and dates are in UTC.

And unless other noted, my QTH is EM15ep in the Deer Creek area of far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA.

My listening equipment is most often a Tecsun PL-310 ET, but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817, my TIVDIO V-115, my Radio Shack 2000669, as well as AM/FM car radios. My favorite antenna is my MFJ-1988-T multiband backpacker antenna, but many of my receptions are with the stock antenna only or an attached random long-wire.

  • Cuba
    • Havana
      • China Radio InternationalChina Radio Int’l 15700 (via relay) on Mar 19, 15:35. SIO 555 in Eng. World news headlines, then discussion of story of Chinese grandmother who wants to travel in retirement rather than staying home to care for grandkids. Commentators are positive about this but say that many in China are critical of this kind of individualism, but that others find her example inspiring.
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 6165 on Mar 17, 05:00. SIO 343 in Eng. Interval music, G Jones announcing start of show, filling in for Ed Newman, this day in history, news headlines, start of news in detail including opening of new Kenyan embassy in Hagan and visiting Kenyan officials.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 15370 on Mar 17, 19:42. SIO 554 in Spa. Cuban music, sta id, then talk about Venezuela.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 15140 on Mar 17, 19:43. SIO 454-554 in Eng. Gerwin Jones introducing song “Savoy Blues” by Kid Ory (who played with Louis Armstrong and others). –  (see This is the best English language signal I’ve heard from RHC in some time, but after awhile it does fade in and out a little bit. Listening is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Several more songs were played but didn’t write down the titles.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 15370 on Mar 17, 20:29. SIO 343. Music and talk, I think the later in Portuguese, Sta ID in multiple languages, then continuing broadcast in Arabic.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6060 on Mar 19, 05:20. SIO 454 in Eng. Week in review, the Arnie Corro”s DXers Unlimited show, in which talked mostly about enhanced chances to hear mw stations at the present moment. He recommends listening for RR in cw to identify radio reloj. After that was Gerwin Jones (still subbing for Ed newman), then mailbag show with Ed and Irma (I assume this is a rerun, mentioned by ed a couple of weeks ago). Irma has a cold on this episode. I hope she gets better soon.
  • USA
    • Illinois
      • Chicago
        • WSCRWSCR 670 on Mar 16, 07:50. SIO 353 in Eng. Local adverts, station id.
    • Kansas
      • Pittsburgh
        • LOGO: KKOW 860 AMKKOW 860 on Mar 17, 05:36. SIO 343 in Eng. Classic country format, station id, local adverts — they are looking for an ad rep for the station, back to music — some good, some dreadfully crappy.
    • Ohio
      • Cincinnati
        • LOGO: WLW 700WLW 700 on Mar 16, 7:37. SIO 455 in Eng. Commentator discussing FDA plans to limit nicotine content in cigarettes.
    • Oklahoma
      • Calumet
        • LOGO: The House FMKZTH 88.5 Mhz. FM. Mar 19, 23:06. SIO 555 Eng. “The House FM” playing a Christian Contemporary Format via a network based in Ponca City. I recognize one of the voices in the promo spots from the old KOKF (1985-2006). As for transmitter QTH, wikipedia says Piedmont, as does title on map at, but when I checked with Google maps, it shows a Calumet, OK address. which is 30 miles away, so I’m listing this as Calumet.
      • Oklahoma City
        • LOGO: 92.9 The Edge - OKC's Rock AlternativeK225BN (relay of digital KOMA-HD2) “The Edge” 92.9 Mhz. FM on Mar 19, 22:46. SIO 555 Eng. Alternative rock format. Only 200 watts according to, but it sounds good.
        • LOGO: Exitos 96.5 FMK243BJ (relay of digital KRXO-HD3) “Exitos” 96.5 Mhz. FM on Mar 19, 22:48. SIO 555 in Spa. Broadcasting from southside OKC (same site as KTLR-AM – in 250 watts.
        • LOGO: 98.5 El PatronK253BV (relay of digital KBRU-HD2) “El Patron” 98.5 Mhz. FM on Mar 19, 22:52. SIO 555 in Spa. Regional Mexican format. TX’ing with 130 watts from NE OKC according to
        • LOGO: V 103 - K276EXK276EX (relay of digital KOMA-HD3) 103.1 Mhz. FM, on Mar 19, 22:42. SIO 555 Eng. “Classic hiphop format.” TX
        • LOGO: 104.5 KRXO - Classic RockK283BW (relay of KRXO-HD2) 104.5 Mhz. FM on Mar. 19, 22:50. SIO 555 Eng. Classic rock format, the continuation of the old classic rock KRXO which used to be on 107.7 from 1987-2013. I remember listening to this a good bit in high school, mostly when driving around with my friend Aaron. Broadcasting from NE OKC. –
      • Spencer
        • LOGO: KGOUKROU (relay of KGOU) 105.7 Mhz FM. on Mar. 17, 19:25, SIO 555 in Eng. Weekend blue shows, playing song in honor of St. Patrick’s day by Irish blues/rock artist, Rory Gallagher – Interesting to learn that famous Radio Luxembourg was a major influence on him musically –
    • Pennsylvania
      • Red Lion
        • LOGO: WINBWINB 9265 on Mar. 17, 22:35. SIO 554 Eng. Bluegrass gospel show (with some catchy songs), sta id at 22:44 then start of relig talk show.
    • Tennessee
      • Nashville
        • LOGO: WWCRWWCR 9350 on Mar. 17, 20:20. SIO 454 ENg. “Classic Radio Theater”, playing Bob Hope show from March 7, 1939 – Same as TX QTH
        • WWCR 7529 on Mar. 18, 01:25. SIO 555 Eng. Songs from the 19-teens. I assume this is the talking machine show?
        • WWCR 12160 on Mar. 19, 16:23. SIO 555 Eng. Alex jones ranting, claims that vacxines lower iq’s, cancer and death. But then he makes a good point about the use of “social credit” to bar certain people from access to flying and trains in China (a story confirmed from other sources including Fortune,,   and The NY Times — for a more sympathetic view on the idea of a social credit rating read CRI “Smokers on bullet trains could be hit with 180 day train ban”)
    • Texas
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