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KG5JST Radio Listening Logs, March 14-15, 2018 UTC

Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the transmission mode is AM, and all times and dates are in UTC.

And unless other noted, my QTH is EM15ep in the Deer Creek area of far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA.

My listening equipment is most often a Tecsun PL-310 ET, but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817, my TIVDIO V-115, my Radio Shack 2000669, as well as AM/FM car radios. My favorite antenna is my MFJ-1988-T multiband backpacker antenna, but many of my receptions are with the stock antenna only or an attached random long-wire.

    • LOGO: CHU CanadaOttawa, ON:
      • CHU 14675 on Mar 15, 00:04, SIO 454. Canadian time station in Eng and Fre with usual digital sounds.


  • CUBA
    • BAUTA:
      • LOGO: Radio RebeldeRadio Rebelde 5025 on Mar 15, 01:39, SIO 454 in Spanish. Political commentary, talking about President Donald Trump and US relationship with Latin America, especially Venezuela. Heard via RS 2000669 connected to MFJ Backpacker antenna indoors.
      • LOGO: Radio ProgresoRadio Progreso on 4765 on Mar 15, 03:50. SIO 252-353 in Spa. Chilled out Cuban music, occasional male voice in Spanish but couldn’t make out any words, Cuban national anthem at the top of the hour, then off the air. Heard via TIVDIO V-115 with MFJ-1988-T antenna indoors.

    • Havana:
      • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaRadio Havana Cuba 5040 on Mar 15, 01:41. SIO 454 in Spa. Talk. Heard via Radio Shack 2000669 and MFJ-1988T antenna indoors.

      • Radio Havana Cuba 6000 on Mar 15, 02:03. SIO 353 in Eng. Talk. Gerwin Jones and Elena Val Verde and 3rd commentatator, didn’t catch the name — this day in history, headlines, then news in detail- Cuba delegation to UN argues for respect for each country’s unique situation in dealing with drugs, says other countries can learn from them… student walkouts on gun violence in USA, Heard remotely from

      • LOGO: CMBQ Radio EnciclopediaRadio Enciclopedia 530 on Mar 15, 04:55. SIO 111-323. Schmaltzy music up against QRM from Radio Rebelde (TX de Isle of Youth) Heard via RS 2000669 with stock antenna

    • Juventud (Isle of Youth):
      • LOGO: Radio RebeldeRadio Rebelde 530 on Mar 14, 04:55. SIO 111-323 in Spa. Political discussion with QRM from Radio Encilopedia in Havana. Heard via RS 2000669 with stock antenna
    • Apodaca/Monterrey, NL
      • LOGO: XEBJBXEBJB-AM 570 on Mar 14, 04:48. SIO 333 in Spa. Banda music, station ID, , advert for “Partido Verde,” the center-right Green-in-name-only political party. Some unidentified QRM from a US station in background. Heard via RS 2000669 with stock antenna

  • SPAIN:
    • LOGO: REE Radio Exterior de EspanaNoblejas:
      • R. Exterior de Espana 15550 on Mar 14, 21:39. SIO 343 in Spa. Sounds like futbol play-by-play. Also heard on 15390 with SIO 242. Heard via RS2000669 with MFJ-1988-T. 

  • USA:
    • Florida
      • LOGO: WRMIOkeechobee:
        • WRMI 5850 on Mar 15, 01:43. SIO 555 in Eng. Wavescan show from Adventist World Radio — discussion of BB’s shortwave programming and efforts, most sites to close but Kuwait and Greenville to be expanded. — LOGO: AWR ENglish - DX WavescanHenry from Philipine DX report #132. Reception reports can be sent to him. Special 11th anniversary QSL report to be sent out.— some of his reports — KNLS, KTWR, R Taiwan Intl, RNZI — AWR shortwave broadcast schedule announcement for new season — Music from album “across the sea” — 2 Hawaiians and 1 chinese musicians, using traditional instruments. Heard via Radio Shack 2000669 and MFJ1899T antenna indoors

    • Missouri
      • Springfield:
        • KWTO LogoKWTO 560 on March 14, 05:05. SIO 454 in Eng. National news, local weather from accuweather, them coast to coast am id, then more national news announcing death of Stephen hawking.

    • North Carolina:
      • LOGO: Radio MartiGreenville:
        • Radio Marti 11930 on Mar 14, 20:07. SIO 544 in Spa. Start of “Contacto Cuba” program, then song in English “Angel in the morning” by Juice Newton, then conversation with a guest. Minimal QRM from jamming.

        • LOGO: VOAVoice of America 15730 on Mar 14, 20:10, SIO 454 with talk in French, songs in English. Hiphop song – “All I do is win” by DJ Khaled, a muslim US rapper, then talk in French, then “Perfect” by Ed Sheerhan.

    • Oklahoma
      • Edmond:
        • LOGO: KUCO LogoKUCO 105.7 Mhz. FM on Mar 14 20:50. SIO 555 in Eng. Classical Music. Good background music for working, as it rarely has lyrics and minimal talking.

      • El Reno:
        • Logo: KZUEKZUE 1460 on Mar 14 20:41. SIO 343 in Spa. Discussion of politics in Cuba, which made me wonder if I was picking up a Cuban station, but confirmed station ID via webstream –, then national adverts including one for a bank in Mexico, travel commercials for travel to Spain, Mexico, Cuba, England and Italy.

      • Enid:
        • LOGO: KGWAKGWA 960 on Mar 14, 20:34. SIO 353 in Eng. Discussion of Oklahoma AG that state will start using “inert gas inhalation” for future executions, other news from the “news 9 newsroom,” local and national adverts, station ID, local weather, “News Fox 960 KGWA”

        • LOGO: KZLSKZLS 1640 on Mar 14, 20:47. SIO 353 in Eng. PSA reaching out to veterans with mental health issues, anti-drunk driving PSA, station ID including voices of Alex Jones and Dave Ramsey ending with “1640 The Eagle,” then on to national Dave Ramsey show.

      • Oklahoma City:
        • LOGO: KTLRKTLR 890 on Mar 14, 20:25. SIO 454 in Eng. Discussion of hostage situation at VA facility in California, lots of ridiculous commentary focused more on this having the potential “of being another Parkland” than concern for the veterans and VA staff.

        • LOGO: WKYWKY 930 on Mar 14, 20:30. SIO 555 in Spa. Play by play coverage of a futbol match via ESPN Deportes

        • LOGO: KRMPKRMP 1140 on Mar 15, 20:39. SIO 353 in Eng. Soul music with lots of static.

        • KOKC 1520 on Mar 15, 02:12. SIO 343 in Eng (heard via in Corrine, Utah, USA) Conservative commentators are trash talking students walking out on gun violence, claiming they just want to skip classes, etc. Confirmed via webstream but I must have been sleepy and didn’t think to confirm via 1520 am locally.

      • Perry:
        • LOGO: KOKPKOKP 1020 on Mar 14, 20:38. SIO 353 in Eng. Sports talk, discussing OU and OSU sports.

    • Tennessee
      • Lebanon:
        • LOGO: WTWWWTWW 5085 on Mar 15, 01:43. SIO 353-555, Eng. Sounds like a play-by-play of some kind of amateur radio kit build — probably this is Ham Nation show. I listened for a few minutes but hard to get engaged without knowing what they are building. I wish more radio programmers would occasionally recap what they are doing for folks who join in later. NPR does this well, but a lot of folks do not. Heard via RS2000669 with MFJ1899T antenna indoors.

      • LOGO: WWCRNashville:
        • WWCR 4840 on Mar 15, 04:06. SIO 555 in Eng. Alex Jones show playing Jimi Hendrix song “All along the watchtower,” then he starts ranting, pitching his Trump/Pence tee-shirts, then interview with a former Trump campaign staffer. Somehow I can’t imagine Hendrix or Bob Dylan (who wrote this song) being down with this.

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  1. James – I really enjoyed your post! Like you, I’m always amazed at the DX that today’s small AM/FM/SW portables can receive. My “go-to” radios are, in no particular order: CCrane Skywave (original version), Tecsun PL-380, and the CCrane Pocket Radio. I’ve been searching the web, trying to find info on the MFJ-1988-T multiband backpacker antenna that you use. I couldn’t find it in their current catalogue. Have they discontinued that one? Do you have any info on the antenna? Thanks from Houston, TX!

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for reading and posting your comment.

    Turns out I mistyped. The antenna is the MFJ-1899T, not 1988-T.

    Here’s the info on it…

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