DISCLAIMER FOR ELECTORAL POLITICS BLOG POST: This post (along with everything on this blog, unless otherwise stated) represents my views as an individual and not as a spokesperson for any organization I work for and/or am affiliated with.

For Judicial retention… I’m voting yes on all of them. I have concerns about some of them (especially for the aggressively pro-death penalty Court of Criminal Appeals) but I don’t want Governor Mary Fallin to have a role in picking their auccessors.

I don’t have time to write a detailed analysis of the state questions, so here is how I plan to vote on them:

776 – VOTING NO against the law which could open the flood gates to more cruel and unusual punishment (aka the death penalty) in Oklahoma
777- VOTING NO against the so-called “right to farm” law, which really means “right for corporate agriculture to come in and prevent reasonable regulations from being enacted though the political and regulatory processes” I’m also voting no because most of the small organic farmers I know are opposed to this SQ.
779- VOTING YES for the 1 cent sales tax for education. I hate sales taxes (the most regressive form of taxes) but I do like that, at least in this case, the money raised will directly help poor people who will be having to bear a lot of the burden of this tax.
780 – VOTING YES as it is long past time for us to reduce some of the insanely unfair sentences being given to low-level drug and property offenders; but why does this law have to wait to go into effect in July 2017, and what about those already given crazy sentences? Obviously much, much more needs to be done, but this is a good baby step in the right direction.
781 – VOTING YES because I like the idea of redirecting tax dollars from incarceration and towards treatment mental health issues.
790 – VOTING NO because I think the state shouldn’t take sides on religion. This law passing will undoubtedly result in more litigation which the state of Oklahoma will lose.
792 – VOTING YES – Despite some concerns (i.e. I don’t think felons who have committed non-alcohol related offenses should be barred from working in the alcohol industry after they have done their time), I generally think it will be a good thing for beer and wine to be sold in grocery stores and for liquor stores to be allowed to sell non-alcoholic mixers. And of course it will be nice to able to drink New Belgium Brewing beers in Oklahoma (as NB refuses to sell in Oklahoma since our liquor stores aren’t allowed to sell refrigerated beer, and only liquor stores can sell beer stronger than 3.2 ABW/4.0 ABV).