(all times and dates are UTC, reception location is in Far Northwest Oklahoma City, grid square: EM15ep)

2016 July 1

22:30-24:00, July 1 – Multiple attempts to make contacts via my QRP rig for Radio Amateurs of Canada, Canada Day contest but no luck with either QSL calls (on 6, 10 & 20 meters) or by attempting to break through pileups. I still fun though. I heard lots of contacts made with VA3OK (from Essex, Ontario – 915 miles/1473 km away) and a few with VA3GD (from Ottawa, Ontario – 1331 miles/2142 km away).

RAC Canada Day Graphic

2016 July 2

04:40 UTC – 6165 am –  Radio Havana Cuba Caribbean report in Eng. wrapping up SR 55.

04:42 – 6060am – Radio  Habana Cuba in Spa. SR 57

04:45 – 6180 am – RN Amazonia, Brasillia (RNDA) in Port. Annoying DJ’s and radio banter and old timey radio rings. Strong SR 57.

04:57 -7295 am – Radio Algerienne TX de Issoudun, France in Arabic lang. SR 44

04:49 7385 am – WRMI – song: “He shall reign over all of the earth” sounds like a threat. Then WRMI interval signal, now creapy triumphant music and readings from Revelation. Then “Brother Scare” ranting about us being in the days of Lot because of “transgenderism” and the “sodomites.” So sick of hearing him be the loudest “voice of america” for international shortwave radio listeners. And now he is ranting about sexual immorality, which is really a hoot coming from a man who took a plea deal in which he plead guilty to charges of assault and battery against two young women from his community, instead of being prosecuted for sexual assault.

2016 July 3

17:05 UTC – 13695AM Radio Slovakia via WRMI in Florida. News in English, mostly discussing ride of Slovakia to the seat of heading the EU Council (what a time to be in charge?), followed by a mailbag show. SR 55. – Here’s more from RSI on this EU Presidency news.

Approx. 21:00UTC – Heard K2K Special event station from New Hampshire on 20 meters but no luck making contact. Very good kid-operator, handled pileup like a champ.