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Update #1 on Radio Project

This is an update to an earlier post, A unique opportunity to get into shortwave radio broadcasting

Still working on more of the details, but it looks like my radio program will be called Radio.

The first half of the hour will be a nerdy/activist variety show of sorts, a mix of short segments and stories on topics of interest to me, with music and other things mixed in. And of course I Will use this blog ( as the base for this show, where one can find “find out more ” links and whatnot.

The second half of the show will be a 30 minute or so program from an Inclusive Mennonite/Peace Church perspective, likely with several songs, a short message/sermon/lecture and possibly some news bulletins from the broader Mennonite world. I’m not sure what this program will be called, so any ideas would be appreciated.

Updated: September 21, 2015 — 7:26 am

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