I now have all of my picture from the march uploaded (that took forever… lots of cropping and tweaking, especially to deal with low light conditions at the end of the march).
The photos are organized into 2 galleries…
Part 1

August 27, 2008 These pictures are of the first part of the march, from where I caught up with it in downtown Denver to the first “confrontation site” where IVAW lined up in formation facing the DNC secured convention site. Initially participants though that there would be civil disobedience happening at the site, but a decision was made out of safety concerns (this location was one in which protesters were boxed into a very small area) to march back to the front of the building
Part 2

These pictures are all from the 2nd part of the march. IVAW led the march to the other side (I think the North side) of the secured convention area to present their demands to the DNC and the Obama campaign. Protesters were told that there was a possibility of arrest during this portion of the march. The police buildup was huge during this time of action, but thankfully the risk of police violence and/or arrest was averted. I believe the order of these pictures is roughly chronological (the last few are of my dog and I riding a pedicab back to the car if you are wondering)