Tulsa World/Washington Post: What I won’t miss from Democrats’ campaign – oped By Marie Cocco

WASHINGTON — As the Democratic nomination contest slouches toward a close, it’s time to take stock of what I will not miss.
I will not miss seeing advertisements for T-shirts that bear the slogan “Bros before Hos.” The shirts depict Barack Obama (the Bro) and Hillary Clinton (the Ho) and they are widely sold on the Internet.
I will not miss walking past airport concessions selling the Hillary Nutcracker, a device in which a pantsuit-clad Clinton doll opens her legs to reveal stainless steel thighs that, well, bust nuts. I won’t miss television and newspaper stories that make light of the novelty item.
I won’t miss episodes like the one in which liberal radio personality Randi Rhodes called Clinton a “big f—in’ whore” and said the same about former vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro. Rhodes was appearing at an event sponsored by a San Francisco radio station, before an audience of appreciative Obama supporters — one of whom had promoted the evening on the presumptive Democratic nominee’s official campaign Web site.
I won’t miss Citizens United Not Timid (no acronym, please), an anti-Clinton group founded by Republican guru Roger Stone. . .

I’m not a fan of Clinton (or Obama either at this point), but this commentator is right. Sexism is alive and well in America. I expect it from the Right, but I have to say the Left’s treatment of Clinton is disgusting and reminds me of why I have almost no faith in electoral politics today.
I respect my friends and comrades in the Clinton and Obama campaigns who think that the election will be one in which the constitution will be saved and the tide can be turned, but I think it is long past the point of no return. Unless the race is close (and I have a real change of heart), I’ll likely be writing in “Eugene V. Debs” on the ballot (and to h— with the election laws that forbid write-in-votes).